How to make cappuccino without a machine!

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How to make cappuccino are becoming not so relevant nowadays with cappuccino makers becoming more sophisticated. In fact, with single coffee makers, one can make coffee with the press of a button!

So, why would anyone still want to know, how to make coffee without these technologically advanced cappuccino machines?

Well, regardless of how convenient or easy the machines has allowed us to get the exact taste of cappuccino, there is a limitation in the "how to make foam" for this drink area.

Personally, I think when it comes to making cappuccino froth, only our "hand" can do a good job.

And here, we would learn how to make cappuccino without the use of any cappuccino machine or even espresso machine. But before that, what is this drink all about? It is actually:

1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 froth.

And I would want to point out here that the froth is actually the main difference between latte vs cappuccino. So, if you want to learn how to make latte, it is actually cappuccino without the froth...

Of course, it is the froth that has given cappuccino so many fans. And to make good cappuccino, it is to first learn how to do the froth, and here we are going do it without the use of any machine!


Yes, you can really make cappuccino without a machine, the process is long and if you have the time, it would be fun.

What if you want to have a coffee in the morning and is rushing for work then this process might not be that suitable.

Keurig coffee brewer is the machine that is truly no fuss, insert the pod, press a button and out comes your coffee. And the coffee taste great. Check out amazon (the link), they have discounts and freebies from time to time...

Now, if you want to use an espresso cappuccino machine to make your drink, always go for one that has at least 15 bars pressure to ensure good extraction. I would recommend a delonghi espresso maker, value for money, or you can check out other espresso makers


Frothing Milk without cappuccino maker

Some things that you would need to get the froth are Homogenized cold milk, a small saucepan and a loose wired whisk.

1. First, fill half the saucepan with the cold milk

2. Then, heat the saucepan with slightly higher than medium heat.

3. Use the whisk, and begin to "beat" the milk. start slowly, you would see ,wide bubbles forming and as your "beating" increased, the bubbles will become smaller and more condensed.

4. Whisk faster as the temperature increases and slowly you would noticed that the volume of the bubbles begin to swell.

5. Take caution although the heat and the whisking are giving you the froth, do not allow the milk to boil -monitor the temperature carefully. If the milk boils, both your froth and taste will be ruined.

6. After a while, take the saucepan away from the heat source and continue to whisk until the froth double its size. Now, your froth is ready.

How to make espresso without a machine

If one wants to learn how to make cappuccino without a machine, , after learning how to make the froth, you would know how to make the espresso coffee. Thus, a stovetop Moka is essential, the "how to" for this has been covered in another article, so we would not be covering it here.

We have brought you through the steps for how to make cappuccino froth, and at about the same time, you can begin to make the espresso in a stovetop moka maker, using something like a Bialetti would enhance your experience.

After getting the froth, set it aside for about 30 seconds prior to using it. This is to allow the milk to separate, with the steam milk sinking to the bottom half of the pan, and you would get the airy, foamy bubbles of forth milk on top.

**Cappuccino or espresso confuses you? Sometimes "knowing" how to brew coffee is enough to get great coffee. Ever wonder about the best temperature or best conditions to brew coffee? This free coffee course would provide some answer.

Once the espresso is ready, pour the steamed milk into your cappuccino cups first, then scoop and 'dop' the foamy milk bubbles in the top of the steam milk.

Lastly, pour the freshly brewed espresso down the edge of the coffee mug through the layers of milk.

What is an espresso?, click to learn more about espresso...

There you have it, learning how to make cappuccino without using any espresso machines at all! Sure, it is not as easy compared with "how to make coffee", but definitely easier than a "how to make ice cream" right?


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As you learn about how to make cappuccino,we thought that it would be easier if we group those "cappuccino making tools together", so that search for equipments would be so much easier, and here it is...

Information about making cappuccino

Hmm...still a machine person, then learn more about coffee makers, machines, grinders, roasters etc...

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