Tassimo machine might be your solution to froth your cappuccino!

Tassimo machine has the second largest following in the single serve coffee maker market , so what makes it so good? It sure has a good variety of coffee, teas and chocolates to choose from, but so does keurig, what is the difference?

Tassimo machine superb ability to function as capuccino machines might be the one value add that draw the consumers to it. Sure, any single serve suppliers would have the cappuccino variety, but the different is in the experience.

Coffee drinking is an experience (though more and more "stressful" folks are just using it to keep them awake!), and what is capuccino machines if it is not able to do frothing?

Now that we mentioned it, many single serve companies are quick to highlight that theirs can double up as capuccino machines, with pods filled with -powdered milk...


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Regardless of what they say, using powdered milk to do frothing is difficult and that is where Tassimo machine provides the value add. Being the first company to seal liquid (that is shelf stable)** milk, in their T disc, they can provide frothing, almost similar to any capuccino machines!

** Shelf stable means that this milk does not required refrigeration and can maintain its freshness for a certain time frame, usually 6 months to one year


Look nothing like your usual capuccino machines but this fellow makes a mean cappuccino...

In fact, using T disc shelf stable milk is even more convenient than the usual milk that needs the refrigeration! All you need now is just a storage place for t disc to make that capuccinos.

Tassimo machine even makes it like real capuccino machines. First you insert your choice of espresso t disc and dispense the coffee. Then, you insert the liquid milk disc and froth the milk, and you have your cappuccinos with just a few push of buttons...

Now, reading through this and thinking about it, it might seems impossible that a small machine can double up as capuccino machines and then minutes later dispense normal espresso, how does she do it?

Every t disc comes with a bar code and when inserted into a tassimo, she reads it and calibrate the brew, the water and produce the required conditions for that beverage.

And it is this technology that allows tassimo to produces cappuccino with froth in one minute and then dispense a black tea the second minute.

What finally draws you to purchase this machine might be its ability to do frothing for cappuccino but tassimo variety and precise brewing technology is definitely a plus for anyone looking for a good and easy cuppa solution!

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