Fully Automatic WMF Coffee Machines For The Office

Would you consider WMF coffee machines for the office? Why wouldn’t you? WMF is a renowned manufacturer of high quality coffee machines that offer fully automatic, hassle free operation, along with premium quality coffee brewing regardless of how many cups of coffee are being produced a day.

Armed with the latest touchscreen technologies and sleek designs, their espresso machines are sure to make a statement sitting proudly in your office break room. 

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WMF Coffee Machines for the Office: Convenience

Due to the fully automatic nature of the coffee machines, there is no need for skilled barista to be manning the machine. In fact, any member of the office can learn to operate the coffee machine in no time, and save that daily trip to the specialty coffee shop around the corner of the office. All the coffee machines in the WMF range of fully automatic espresso machines, from the entry level WMF 1100s coffee machine, all the way to the flagship WMF 9000s coffee machine, offer one touch operation.

Due to the use of heavy duty brewer assemblies within the coffee machine, you can also expect the machines to be reliable. In the unfortunate event of a machine breakdown, you will also be glad to know that the assemblies within the coffee machine are also made to be easily replaced, and are modular in nature.

This means that downtime is kept to a minimum. Although the WMF coffee machines can be hooked up to a water pipe for direct pipe-in water supply, they also come with a water tank or water reservoir. While this means that you will need to top up the water tank regularly, it also means that you have the option not to do extensive renovation and piping works to accommodate the WMF coffee machine.

It's ease of use is one main reason WMF automatic coffee machine is used in 7-11 in Singapore. 

WMF Coffee Machines for the Office: Design

Whichever model you choose from the WMF range of fully automatic coffee machines, all of them are built to be as slim as possible, and take up as little space as possible in your office pantry.

Even on the entry level WMF 1100s coffee machine, you get a 7” touchscreen display which looks modern, classy, and extremely elegant. If you move up the range all the way to WMF5000s and WMF 9000s coffee machines, then you get an outstanding 10” touchscreen display from which you can make all your drink selections. Keeping in line with the elegance and class that WMF coffee machines offer, all the machines in the range are also built in simple colorways that feature piano black finishes, steel panels, and brushed metal trim elements. 

If you are looking for aesthetically pleasing espresso machine, Schaerer Coffee Art Plus is another option for consideration. 

WMF Coffee Machines for the Office: Variety

As not all members of the office are coffee drinkers, it is important that the chosen office coffee machine is able to provide variety in the range of drinks it can produce. Aside from housing coffee beans in the built in hoppers, the WMF fully automatic coffee machines, starting from the WMF 1500s coffee machine upwards, can actually accommodate an additional hoppers for instant powder mixes such as hot chocolate, matcha, and milk tea if desired.

There is also an option on all the machines, to add on a milk chiller or fridge so that you can produce your favourite lattes and cappuccinos as part of the one step operation we shared about earlier.

How this is achieved, is by preloading drink recipes onto the touchscreen interface, from which you can select the desired drink, and the coffee machine will be able to draw the right amount of ingredients to produce the drink. When fully utilised, the WMF coffee machines can potentially store up to a few hundred different drink recipes for the enjoyment of your office. 

WMF Coffee Machines for the Office: Technology

In the market, there aren’t many things  that help set one coffee machine apart from another. Usually, it is in terms of design, and technology. With WMF, you can enjoy both.

Technology wise, WMF employs the use WMF CoffeeConnect, a wifi based system that can remotely track your coffee machine’s consumption and usage. With this valuable information, you can make informed decisions about when scheduled top ups should be done, which drink recipes are well received, and which ones are not.

In many ways, getting a WMF office coffee machine can really help to make your workplace a more pleasant and productive space. 

Click on the above link to read about another great coffee machine for the office or send us a message below to do a free trial in your office. 

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