Why Robusta coffee beans is important?

Before even assessing the importance of robusta coffee beans, do you know that a coffee bean isn’t really a bean, per se. It’s actually a seed of a cherry from a coffee tree.

These trees don’t just grow anywhere though. They thrive in subtropical climates, typically in the Asian, African and South American regions.

Although several varieties of coffee beans exist, there are basically two species of coffee, categorized as either Robusta or Arabica.

Robusta coffee beans are grown over areas with lower elevations, usually 200 to 800 meters above sea level and are supplied by the following places: Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Angola, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Java, Bali, Timor, Borneo, Vietnam, and Celebes. Robusta trees are really shrubs and grow up to 10 meters.


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Because Robusta trees are resistant to diseases, they are easier to grow and maintain and therefore produce a higher yield. For this reason, Robusta coffee beans cost less to produce than Arabica coffee, which is why Robusta coffee beans are used to make cheaper coffee.

Coffee suppliers utilize Robusta coffee beans to mass produce instant coffee. So the coffee that you can see on your grocery shelves are most likely made from Robusta coffee.

Robusta coffee is a lower grade or quality of coffee while the Arabica is considered the superior grade of coffee. High quality coffee blends consist of only 100% Arabica beans.

Lower grade or cheaper blends typically consist of a mixture of Robusta & Arabica beans or purely Robusta coffee beans. It tastes more bitter than Arabica beans because though it’s smaller in size, it contains almost twice as much caffeine compared to Arabica coffee.

Arabica beans on the other hand have less caffeine content and are have a more desirable flavor and aroma.

If Robusta coffee is less flavorful, then why continue to use it? Robusta plays an important part, especially in the fair trade of coffee beans.

The major reason why Robusta coffee is produced is because it is very cost efficient due to its easy management and maintenance. Another reason is that roasting coffee companies prefer Robusta beans because they are cheaper than Arabica beans and therefore can also be sold at a cheaper price. Because of economic constraints, many consumers are forced to be price wise in their expenses.

Many coffee companies and coffee drinkers simply mix Robusta coffee with Arabica coffee in coffee brewing in order to make a flavorful cup.

Since having purely Arabica beans in your coffee can be quite expensive, even more expensive than organic coffee beans, it is ideal to simply blend both types.

A lot of people use a ratio where the Arabica beans is more than the Robusta beans, say a blend of 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta. The Arabica beans will overpower the bitterness of the Robusta, giving a more flavorful and aromatic cup while the robusta beans will be able to fuel the caffeine in the coffee.

It’s a matter of taste so the user has to simply experiment with the blends in order to achieve the coffee to suit his personal taste.


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