Professor brawn cafe is so normal!

One look at Professor brawn cafe, and you would not find anything special! Sure, the setting is bright and inviting.

Okay, you would see the interesting scribble, but what is so special about it. And if you feels that way, professor brawn would have "make it"!

You see, this is a cafe that employs folks that comes with some special needs, so if you see it as a normal cafe, then isn't that a compliment to them?

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Why should you go there?

Giving back to society. How often do you come across a company that started out not to earn money but to assist the less unfortunate comrades in our society?

Professor Brawn cafe is one such institution and we think by visiting and providing business to them is a way of supporting their cause. A little contribution to make the world a better place.

Mr Roland Tay is a corporate high flier that gives out everything he has to start a business earning a fraction of what he used to earn.

We are moved by the passion he has for this cause. The passion to equip autistic children by exposing them to the real world, and allowing them to interact with as many people as possible.

Of course, the standard of the food is above average and another plus is the price is actually quite reasonable.

So, there should be enough reasons for you to check out this cafe located at 238 Thomson Road, level 2 Novena Square.

Another such social enterprise which we highly recommend you supporting is Joan Bowen Cafe, do check it out as well!


What is the best time to go there?

Early morning is the best, and if you can afford the time, go there during weekdays. Weekends is packed regardless of the timing due to the United Square nearby (parents sending kids for classes).

And even if you would to go during weekdays, go during the off peaks, such as middle of afternoon. This allows you to enjoy the food without the squeeze of lunch time crowd.

If you know of other cafes that are as unique or different as professor brawn cafe, do visit the link and share it with us and our readers.

We would in return share something with you as well.

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