Joan Bowen cafe is a place where sweetness comes from within.

Joan Bowen cafe is one of those places where food and drinks taste good even before it reaches your palate.

It is the mission and the passion that was invested to start this cafe that make everything so sweet.

This is probably one of the few or might even be the only cafe that is staffed by people with special needs.

Located in 9 Jalan Wangi, this cafe serves a wide array of western delights from your usual calamari, fish and chops to unique dishes such as Bangers and Mash or Belly Dancer.

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Why should you go there?

Probably the question is "why should you not go there?". In the unique cafe series, it has been a hunt for a perfect setting, a unique place that offers an experience not seen or feel before.

For Joan Bowen cafe, not only is the experience good, it is enriching.

This cafe by employing them in different jobs in a cafe, trains kids with special needs to build up their confidence and sharpen their life skills.

So, when you dine there, not only would you fill up your stomach, you fill up some individuals' life by giving them an opportunity to serve you and learn.

That is the enriching experience, and that is also the reason why your food and coffee, taste good because the whole place is about building peoples' life, which is sweet, don't you agree?


What time should you go there?

Anytime is good, but at night when this whole place does not have so much activity, Joan Bowen is really a good place to chill out.

The quiet town, fill with soothing music make it a good place to catch up, chit chat or simply relaxed.

If you know other special cafe such as Joan Bowen cafe, please share with us and our readers by following the link.

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