Keurig Single Cup is all about the La Macchina?

Keurig single cup coffee makers are becoming more and more popular. Why?

The reason being that they enable you to prepare and produce single cups of gourmet coffee without you having to waste time dealing with messy filters or grinding beans. flavia-coffee-system Rather than purchasing whole beans and employing your old drip coffee maker or espresso machine, the Keurig coffee makers use K-Cups.

These are encased cups which hold both a filter and a pre-measured volume of ground coffee.

All you have to do is pop the K-Cup such as Timothy's K-cups into your Keurig coffee maker and press one button.

However, did you know that Keurig single cup coffee brewers or simply Keurig coffee machines embraces all the 4 M that is required in creating a perfect espresso.


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The 4 M are La Macchina, La Micsala, La Machinatura and La Mano.

The first M which is the La Macchina deals with the machine itself.

Basically, you can employ any model of espresso machines whether you avail it in high cost or low cost.

The only concern here is that the espresso machine must heat the water to a perfect temperature at exactly 90 degree Celsius and must put forth a pressure of 9 atmospheres.

Another M to consider is the La Miscala which talks about the blend. In La Miscala, the coffee beans chosen and went through the process of roasting and blending must offer a balance in bitterness and acidity.

This way, it produces a perfect, tasteful, sweet-smelling caramel-like consistency. In fact, nearly all espresso is made from 100% Arabica.

The La Machinatura is simply the process of grinding coffee beans. In order to consistently obtain freshest flavor from the coffee beans, it must undergo the process of grinding prior to using them in creating coffee beverages.

The reason behind the importance of grinding is that it enhances the surface area of the coffee, enabling oxygen and light to whip the valued aroma in coffee beans.

La Mano is obviously the hand employed in the preparation and brewing of coffee. Your hand or your skill is a great factor in creating a great cup of coffee or espresso.

This means that the taste and aroma of coffee or espresso produced relies in your hand and depends on the skill you have.

In fact, you can be the coffee artist of your own cup of coffee, so it is best that you keep on practicing your hands and skills in order to arrive at a perfect espresso.

Sure, keurig might seem like only the La Macchina (the machine), but together with the k-cups, you get La Miscsala inside and it is evenly grind so you have La Machinatura.

And because everything is pre-set to optimum condition, you also haev the La Mano.

Thus, keurig single cup coffee maker embraces all the 4 M in espresso brewing...


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