Is grind and brew coffee maker really better?

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Not doubt, that grind and brew coffee maker can deliver fresh coffee, but there are certain things to in exchange for this fresh coffee. But, what makes me so sure that this coffee machine can deliver fresh coffee?

The thing about coffee beans is it would oxidized easily after it is being grind. The fact is, in its whole bean format, it can be fresh for more than a year. But after it is roasted, if without proper storage, the coffee aroma would be gone in a week.

Coffee beans that are roasted had gone through a chemical reaction, the coffee oil is what you get from this reaction. After the roasting, grinding it would exposed the beans to further reaction due to some heat generated while grinding.

Thus, a brew after grinding would be able to take advantage of this reaction and produce the freshest brew. And, that is the reason why I know that grind and brew coffee maker produces fresh coffee.


However, there are some trade offs that one need to do for this fresh coffee. Firstly, because most of these grind and brew coffee machines are doing espresso, the price tier is higher than normal coffee machines.

There are models of drip filter machine that comes with grinders, but mostly are espresso maker and personally, because espresso machines does more intense extraction, one would get a fuller aroma benefit from the fresh ground.

Other than price, care would have to be exercise to get this fresh coffee, failing which one might get sour coffee. Most grind and brew coffee maker comes with a bean hopper that store the beans prior to grinding.

While, the bean hopper all comes with certain technology to ensure that the roasted beans can last inside the hopper, carelessness and other variables can lead to the beans exposed to the environment.

The most common is leakage around the rubber tube surrounding the bean hopper. Of course, the beans when exposed to the environment would be oxidized and the aroma would be gone.

Although, I consider the last factor a complain, I know that some folks would like this. And that is the grinding sound of the beans. Imagine, a lot of crushing sound early in the morning, would totally shatter the quietness of the morning.

But, that to some folks, this resemblance the morning scene from a coffee shop. This might be the coffee experience that some folks are looking for.

So, which model would I recommend? It is difficult to pinpoint a model that is good, but personally, I like the cuisinart DGB 600. Other than the ability to produce a good brew, this coffee machine is very durable.

There you have it folks, my evaluation on the freshness of coffee from grind and brew coffee maker, it is for you to decide if this coffee machine is good or even better than those without build in grinder.


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