Drip coffee machines you probably never heard of before

When we speak of drip coffee machines the more well known brand names might pop into one’s mind. Sometimes, just because one might not recognize a brand name it does not mean that the appliance is any good.

Brands such as Coffee Lavazza or even the range of Krups Coffee Makers are in all likelihood included to be foremost in our minds.

However there are other drip coffee machines and hot beverage makers that are less well known that might be well worth considering.

If you are looking for a small and affordable electric coffee maker, you might well want to consider the Black and Decker DCM7 drip coffee machine. This machine will retail at less than fifteen dollars and is compact and reliable.


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The reviews on this particular product are very complementary and speak of log and reliable service. Another drip coffee brewer that is not as well known as other brands of drip coffee machines is the Sanyo SAC MST6.

This six cup coffee maker has a built in coffee grinder which means you do not have to consider any other coffee grinders for your kitchen.

drip-coffee-machines This drip coffee maker will make six cups of coffee or it can be used to make tea as well. Just like the more expensive and better known drip coffee makers, this particular appliance also has a charcoal filter which will add value to your coffee brew experience.

This electric coffee maker by Sanyo will retail for approximately forty dollars which is very favorable indeed. These are not brand names you will find that will pop up in conversation. This does not mean that these appliances are no good.

As the numerous favorable reviews available on the Internet will attest to, these appliances are good and represent good value for money. Another example of an undiscovered gem is the Sunbeam Hot Shot Beverage maker.

Whilst this is not a drip coffee brewer per se, this appliance is capable of producing hot water for a range of beverages. These beverages will include the likes of tea, instant soup and hot chocolate.

This appliance is characterized by its compact design and also receives very favorable consumer reviews; all this for less than twenty five dollars.

That is value for money. Of course it is difficult to identify gems in amongst many below par quality products. However, consumer reviews posted on the Internet are one method of finding these gems.


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