Which coffee tea makers is good?

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The fact is, there are no "real" coffee tea makers. To be even more precise, you probably cannot find a brewer that is designed just for tea. All the machines are designed for coffee grounds, but there are a few brewers that are able to brew both coffee and tea.

A brewer that does coffee and tea is not easy to find and you probably not read any reviews about it or have seen any coffee maker ratings on it. But, there are a few machines that do have this capability.

The simplest of all the brewers would be the French Press and this is one of the classic coffee tea makers. Although it is a very simple appliance, the press allow one to do a pot of coffee or a pot of tea. But, I can share with you that this is rarely being done.

This is because, the usual French press is designed to brew a single serve of beverage, so it is a very individual brewer, and the person that is using this would either be a coffee or tea lover, seldom both.

If you are asking me why the French Press and not any other coffee makers, the secret lies in the filter mesh. French Press has a large enough filter mesh that allows one to brew tea as well.

It is small enough to prevent the tea leaves from going to your drink but big enough for one to press and extract the flavor out. That is the reason, why the grind size used for French Press is coarse which is larger than the normal grind size.


Other than this, there is no other coffee tea makers, although in recent years, you have machines that allows one to brew both coffee and tea. The ones that are most well known would be single serve coffee makers, Keurig and Tassimo.

This two brands tries to give consumers more variety by including more beverages into their single cup brewers. So, other than coffee, you would also be able to brew tea and hot chocolate.

Tassimo go one step further by coding the coffee pods, which is known as T-disc. So, the water temperature and amount of water for brewing tea is different from preparing a cup of cappuccino.

This differentiation is the closest one can get to coffee tea makers. Tassimo gives you the ability to brew tea and coffee differently, a thing which no other machines is able to provide.

So, if I would to choose a good machine that can brew coffee and tea, Tassimo would definitely be my choice. Moreover, the brands that they are using for tea is Twinning and coffee is from Starbucks, all reputable brands which produces high quality beverages.

There is also another machine that can justify as coffee tea makers but you probably not want to have it at home and that is the table top vending machine, the most well known of all being Nestle Lioness.

These table top vending machines are able to dispense coffee, tea, chocolate and a variety of gourmet coffee drinks with a single press of button. While, you cannot really call it brewing, they are able to offer a variety of beverages.

There you have it, some coffee tea makers that can brew both coffee and tea and also my choice of machine which is Tassimo from Braun (have not yet tried the new one from Bosch).


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