How many coffee maker types are there?

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2 coffee maker types are what there is in the market. You might be shocked to know of these, with espresso maker, french press, single cup coffee maker and many more running through your mind, you might be thinking, how in the world can there be only 2 types of coffee brewer?

Here is how I categorizes the coffee maker types. One group is manual and the other group are non manual, so based on that you can only two groups. But, within these two groups, you have many more genre.

I hope you are not counting on this article as a collection of best coffee makers, it is not and if you would to read my article on it, you would know how to find your own best coffee brewer. This list is to provide a summary page on the coffee brewers that are in the market.

As I have written extensively on many coffee makers, if you would like to have more information on the respectively brewer, simply click on the link (if it is available, means I have done some research on it).

1. Manual coffee maker types

Among all the manual type of coffee brewer, my personal favorite is vacuum coffee maker. The way that the coffee is brewed is like a reenactment of a science class, very "experimental" and definitely a crowd pleaser.


Most of you would be familiar with the French Press, if not, at least you would have seen it at shopping malls. They are by far the most common manual coffee maker and one of the easiest to use in terms of brewing coffee.

Not so common nowadays are the percolator and the turkish coffee maker. You can consider both coffee brewer to be part of coffee history. While some more senior folks still enjoyed perked coffee, i.e. coffee from percolator, not many people are preparing turkish coffee anymore.

Toddy coffee maker can be said to be one of the more popular manual coffee brewer currently, and I believed it is due to its no frills method in preparing a pot of coffee. All one need to do is apparently to wait and you can get a glass of great tasting iced coffee.

Personally, most coffee maker ratings site would place this stove top espresso maker under another section of the coffee maker types, but I am putting it here because it is manual. Although, it does not have the required pressure to extract what is known as the full espresso, its ease of use and great tasting coffee, won for its many loyal followers.

The most well known brewer in this group would be the bialetti.

2. Non Manual coffee maker types

If you are talking about coffee maker that are powered by electricity then, no brewer is more well known than the drip filter coffee maker, which until now, they are still the de facto market leader.


Personally, I think the coffee that they brewed are so-so. But, generations have grown up drinking coffee that are prepared in this manner by their parents and grand parents, so when they are looking for coffee solutions, this would be the first machine that they would turn to.

Espresso maker was originally meant for the food services, which are those cafes and coffee shops. But, after the rise of starbucks and other large coffee chains, many coffee lovers want to replicate the espresso and gourmet coffee experience in their households and thus lead to the rise of home espresso machines.

Makes better coffee than drip filter coffee, as the extraction of coffee oil is more intense, giving one a coffee that comes with more depth. But, it is not easy to prepare a good cup of coffee, some knowledge is required.

And, I guess that is the reason they have the single serve coffee maker. This is the brewer that is currently the "flavor of the month", agressively being marketed by the respective companies with many coffee giants endorsing it.

With brands like Nescafe, Green Mountain, Starbucks, Gevalia link to it, you know that the single serve coffee brewer is something to consider if you are looking for good coffee and a easy to use coffee brewer.

Many coffee maker review would not insert this machine, but table top coffee vending machine to me is one of the key coffee brewer. Can you even begin to imagine how many companies are using them in the pantry.

Again, all they need is to push a button and you can get a fresh hot cuppa. You probably would not want to have it at home, but there is no harm knowing more about it right?

There you have it folks, these are the coffee maker types that I am aware of, there might be much more and I would update this page from time to time.


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