We know Toddy coffee maker delivers great cold coffee, but do you know it is equally simple to get a hot java from it?

Toddy coffee maker is very different from your usual coffee maker. Your coffee machine deliver your cuppa hot but Toddy does the coffee icy cold!

Although there is another method known as the Filtron Coffee system that can deliver the cold coffee, Toddy coffee maker is by far the more popular one, so we would use its brewing method to highlight how a cold brew is being done.

The popularity of cold brew lies mainly in the health aspect. It is reported that the cold brew, produces 67% less acid and 33% less caffeine. A fact that translates to a healthier choice for coffee.

The actual brewing container for this method is a big white plastic form fitted with a filter. And the magic behind is the cold press coffee making containers.

To make the cold brew coffee:

1. Filled the brewing container with 1 pound of medium ground coffee.

2. Pour 4 cups of cold water over the coffee in the filter.

3. Waiting is the game, hang on there for 5 minutes -Please Don't Stir.

4. Then, slowly and evenly add 5 more cups of cold water -again, do not stir.

5. Place the container in the refrigerator.

6. Allow 10-12 hours for the coffee to steep through the cold press filter. The liquid coffee will drain through the filter into a glass carafe.

7. When the cold filtering process has been completed, store the finished concentrate and keep it tightly capped and refrigerated until use. This yields about 9 cups of cold coffee concentrate.


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While it is true that Toddy coffee maker can only give you cold coffee, it is still possible to get a hot coffee from this brew. To make the coffee hot and if you are using microwave, add 1 part of concentrate to 3 parts of cold water, then heat and viola a good hot coffee... (you can also add 1 part concentrate to a container of boiled hot water).

Hey, and if all you are interested in is Iced coffee -it couldn't get any easier! Just add 1 concentrate to 2 parts of water, add ice and enjoyed what the Toddy was invented for -Iced Coffee!

Other than great Iced coffee, flexibility to make hot coffee, cold brew make from toddy is very convenient. You can take the concentrate on any trips, add some ice to get a refreshing Iced Coffee or add some hot water to get that aromatic cuppa to fire up your morning.

Of course, as in all things in life, there are pros and cons. And the main disadvantage for Toddy coffee maker and similarly this group of gourmet coffee makers lies in the taste profile.

Toddy coffee maker gives a coffee that is weaker and less interesting in flavors compared to its "hot" cousins like espresso or the French press.

Another drawback for toddy (it can be huge plus for some folks!), is the yield. As it works best with a full pound of coffee, so it produces quite a bit of concentrate. Toddy coffee maker does thing in bigger scale and it is not for you if you are the 2-3 cups coffee drinkers.


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