Coffee Maker Recalls – What Should You Do?

Coffee maker recalls can be quite an inconvenience to consumers. Since coffee makers are sophisticated pieces of electronic equipment, defects and issues sometimes go unnoticed through the design, testing, and manufacturing phases.

Therefore, even the most popular and reputable brands of coffee makers are vulnerable to recalls.

In fact, coffee maker recalls have been conducted in the past for Bunn coffee makers, Black & Decker coffee makers, and Mr. Coffee coffee makers.

Nevertheless, coffee maker recalls are a company’s way of acknowledging their faults by recognizing the flaws and defects of their coffee makers, which ultimately shows how much they value their customers.


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Mr. Coffee Coffee Brewer Recalls

One of the biggest coffee maker and coffee pot recalls conducted in recent history, the North American Systems, Inc., the company which manufactures Mr. Coffee coffee makers, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall of up to 3 million Mr. Coffee coffee makers after having received several complaints from consumers.

The complaints were attributed to major defects that were inherent with some Mr. Coffee coffee makers. Consumers complained about some coffee makers being fire hazards and being able to cause electrocution or shock.

After much deliberation, a recall was implemented on millions of units that had G, H, I, J, K, L, and 75 in their model numbers for safety.

Mr. Coffee released a public statement, which provided instructions to their valued consumers, who were affected by coffee maker recalls, on what to do and how they can be reimbursed for they troubles.

Coffee Maker Recalls – What Should You Do?

The Black & Decker coffee brewer recall of 2009 left a lot of people bewildered and had no idea on what to do. Here are a few simple steps that you can do to ensure that you won’t do any unnecessary things during a coffee maker recall.

1. After purchasing a coffee maker, always keep the receipt and warranty cards in a safe place. These documents contain valuable information about your coffee maker, such as model number, batch number, country of origin, etc. When a coffee maker recall does happen, you can easily check if you are affected.

2. If you lost your receipt, you can still find the model number of your coffee maker on the coffee maker itself. Look for a tiny metal plate with a model number and serial number, which is attached to your coffee maker. This is usually found at the rear of your unit.

3. When you hear about a recall about the brand of your coffee maker, get all the relevant information about it. See if your coffee maker is affected. If in doubt, call the help line of the brand of your coffee maker.

4. If you do not know the contact information of the brand of your coffee maker, a simple Google search will yield the information that you are looking for.

Visiting the official website of the brand of your coffee maker will give you the necessary contact information (e-mail and phone number). Once you have contacted the brand of your coffee maker, ask for instructions on what to do.

5. Once you learn that your coffee maker is affected, stop using it immediately, even if you do not experience any issues and problems with it.

Then follow the instructions provided by the brand of your coffee maker on how to submit or send your unit back for refurbishment or replacement.

These simple steps will help you go through a coffee maker recall experience without much fuss. However, always remember to exercise your right as a paying customer.

Once you encounter a minor or major issue with your coffee maker, do not hesitate to contact the brand of your coffee maker and let them know about it as soon as possible.


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