A Quick Glance at Coffee Machine Makers

You would be concerned with coffee machine makers because most of us believe that the success of these coffee machines is due to the fact that they produce good coffee machines.

And of course, another reason is because looking in this direction would greatly narrows the search process.

Today, there are a lot of drip coffee makers in the market, so much so that the options are practically inexhaustible as far as coffee machines manufacturers are concerned.

This article focuses on some of these coffee machine makers, or simply put, companies that make coffee machines, particularly those that have set their own mark in the long history of coffee.

When we think of these coffee machine makers, the things that come to mind are the ones that have become household names, big names such as Melitta, Mr. Coffee, and Bunn, among others. Is it important to know the profile and history of these brands?

Definitely. A couple of the big names in the coffee maker industry not only contributed greatly to the success of drip coffee makers as a whole, but are also paved the way for other brands, and this accounts for the existence of the sheer amount of coffee makers in the market today. coffee-machine-makers-melitta


For instance, Melitta Coffee, a well known coffee maker brand, is responsible for the existence of drip coffee itself.

It was Melitta’s founder, Melitta Bentz, who invented the first coffee filter. The advent of the first coffee filter led to the development of the drip coffee maker.

Mr. Coffee

The second coffee maker brand that we should also give credit is Mr. Coffee. Today, Mr. Coffee is known for its great value coffee makers. coffee-machine-makers-mr-coffee However, it was Mr. Coffee, this coffee machine maker that was responsible for the first commercially successful automatic drip coffee maker for home use.

It was Mr. Coffee that successfully brought automatic drip coffee makers into homes in the United States, and marked the end of the Golden Age of coffee percolators and vacuum coffee makers, which were widely used at the time.

The success of Mr. Coffee opened new doors and paved the way for other drip coffee maker manufacturers. Over the years, various coffee maker brands introduced small and incremental improvements to the overall design of the automatic drip coffee maker.

For instance, various electronic devices, such as timers and coffee grinders were integrated to make coffee makers more convenient. Even now, we see the integration of espresso machines and automatic drip coffee makers in espresso coffee combination machines. coffee-machine-makers-bunn


However, the next significant innovation in automatic drip coffee makers came from another world renowned brand, Bunn.

Bunn as a coffee machine maker started out by designing and manufacturing commercial coffee makers exclusively. The need to create commercial coffee makers that are able to brew large amounts of coffee in a relatively short amount of time caused them to create an innovative way of reducing brewing times significantly.

When Bunn entered the home coffee maker industry, they introduced water displacement drip coffee makers, a design they used when they were manufacturing commercial coffee makers exclusively.

Basically, these types of automatic drip coffee makers preheat water initially every time the machine is turned on. In other words, since it initially preheats water, the machine is always ready to brew at a moment’s notice.

Consequently, brewing times are significantly reduced since there is no need to wait for the machine to heat up water at the start of each brewing cycle. coffee-machine-makers-senseo

Senseo and Keurig

The most recent significant innovation in automatic drip coffee makers can be seen in the single serve coffee maker. There are a couple of brands that can be attributed to the success of the single serve coffee maker, namely Senseo and Keurig, which are two of the most popular single serve coffee maker brands today.

Single serve coffee makers are easier to use and more convenient than the standard automatic drip coffee makers due to the use of coffee pods and K Cups for Senseo and Keurig brewers respectively.

Basically, these are prepackaged coffee grounds and each come with its own coffee filter. Therefore, when using a Senseo or Keurig coffee maker, there is no need to measure, grind, and transfer coffee grounds, and this makes coffee preparation very quick and simple. coffee-machine-makers-keurig Cleanup after brewing is very simple as well, and only entails discarding the used coffee pod or K Cup after every brewing cycle.

Furthermore, since these machines brew one cup of coffee at a time, the brewing time, on average, is less than a minute. Lastly, most single serve coffee makers aren’t just limited to brewing coffee. These innovative machines can also brew tea and also prepare hot chocolate.

The success of Senseo and Keurig coffee machine makers can also be attributed to the vast variety of coffee pods and K Cups. Keurig, for instance, is affiliated with various coffee roasters.

One of them is Green Mountain Coffee, one of the biggest and most respected coffee roasters in the world. As a result, Keurig is able to offer hundreds of different varieties of K Cups, each containing a different blend or flavor of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

In other words, an owner of a Keurig single cup brewer not only enjoys the ease of usage and convenience of a single serve coffee maker, but also benefits from the sheer variety of K Cups.

The innovations of these coffee machine makers are testament to the unrivaled popularity of automatic drip coffee makers today.

Undoubtedly, another established or budding coffee maker brand will introduce new ground breaking innovations that will continue to improve not just the overall design of the automatic drip coffee maker, but the coffee experience of millions of people around the world.


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