Coffee and Chicory Makes a Better Cuppa?

Do you know that coffee and chicory are the main ingredients in some coffee blend you purchased?

Cichorium Intybus or popularly known as chicory is a robust perennial bushy herb that was brought to North America from the continent of Europe in the 1700, and is now deep-rooted across the continent.

Despite the fact that chicory has so many uses, it is best known for its relationship with coffee.

The chicory plant roots are thick and long which is very similar to the root of dandelion. When dried and goes roasting and grinding procedures, it creates an outstanding substitute for coffee.


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In fact, chicory has no caffeine content but it creates a more roasted flavor than coffee. Many producers of coffee offer blends with 30 percent chicory in which it decreases caffeine content on your cuppa.

But lots of people enjoy a cup of coffee with chicory that is created completely from ground, roasted chicory.

In history, chicory has begun to use by Germans as a substitute for coffee in 18th century to keep away from the tax fee on foreign extravagance items.

During this time, Napoleon made a plan to make Europe self-reliant and the best substitute, the French could look for coffee, in which chicory are what this French found to use as a substitute for coffee. coffee-and-chicory
After Napoleon downfall, the majority of French people return back to drinking coffee, but a few of them never lost their taste for chicory.

Today, coffee and chicory are very well admired when combined together because it not just create a good chicory coffee but it also provides lots of health benefits compared to French vanilla and wholesale coffee over the Internet.

It has a taste of New Orleans chicory blend which is typically made with a dark roasted coffee and chicory. This coffee has a sweet aroma and full-bodied with a reasonable quantity of acidity. When added with coffee it gives coffee a chocolaty taste. In effect, various research and studies claims that chicory has no known harsh side effects related with its utilization. This in definitely not surprising as the famous chicory has been eaten in extremely large amount by lots of people down the centuries.

However, some report claims that chicory can cause an occasional allergy which is no identified harsh effects of long-standing use.

This inadequate of a negative effects and the non-toxic nature of chicory make it hard to believe that it has the capability to lead to a well-defined therapeutic actions on human body.

No matter what it may be, the foreseeable conclusion is that the famous chicory is positively safe to use in coffee.

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