Cleaning drip coffee maker with vinegar!

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If cleaning drip coffee maker for the first time, using vinegar might sound like a joke to you. But, let me assure you that whether it is to clean a coffee maker or any other kitchen, vinegar works like a charm.

And, for those that chance upon this article while looking at a very dirty coffee maker, do note that this cleaning drip coffee maker process should be repeated every month. Check out our free coffee course and learn about how important a clean coffee machine is to better coffee.

The items that you would need for this clean the coffee maker exercise are vinegar, only use the white ones, some washing powder, an all purpose cleaner and a soft cloth for cleaning of the exterior.

1. The vinegar cleansing process

First mix a full pot of vinegar water in this proportion: 1 part vinegar to 2 part water. Fill your water tank with this solution then turn on your coffee maker. Allow this solution to completely drip into your carafe.

This would effectively clean all your interior parts as well.

Let this solution cool down for at least 15 minutes, then drain away all the solution. And move on to the next step.

**For folks that are doing it the first time, you might want to repeat this cleaning drip coffee maker 2-3 more times to remove all the residual oil inside the coffee machine parts.


2. The water cleansing process

Next, you would be cleaning drip coffee maker with water. My recommendation is to rinse the whole coffee maker with warm water. Fill the water tank with clean warm water then start the coffee maker. Allow the water to drip completely into your carafe.

This process is to rinse out all the vinegar water solution.

After the dripping, allow the coffee maker to cool down for approximately 15 minutes then drain away all the solution.

To effectively rinse off all the vinegar water solution, I would suggest doing this process at least 3 times.

3. Cleaning with the basic

After all the water, personally I think it is best to clean the whole coffee maker and carafe with the basic, i.e. water and detergent again.

This would ensure that there is no residual coffee oil and also vinegar solution. And this is also how important I feel a clean coffee maker is to brew good coffee.

4.Cleaning the exterior

One of the things that many sites and e-book do not highlight is the cleaning of the coffee maker exterior. A clean exterior is in fact the element that motivates people like us to regularly clean the interior.

So, using a piece of soft cloth, spray some multi-purpose cleaner on it and wipe away all the dirt on the coffee maker exterior.

By doing so, the next time the machine gets dirty, you would know it is time to do this cleaning drip coffee maker process again. This in a way would ensures that you would have a clean coffee maker to brew optimum quality coffee.


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