Cleaning coffee maker with these simple tips.

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Cleaning coffee maker steps and procedures differs for different coffee machines, but there are tips that applies to every machines which can make the cleaning so much easier, the coffee so much better...

Before going into the tips, one has to know that regardless of what I or any other articles says about cleaning, always read your coffee maker's instruction manual and follow what they says, as they are the authority for your machine.

For this article, I would highlight tips which I believe might be universal to all, cleaning the coffee maker itself, cleaning the steaming wand and prevention maintenance.

cleaning-coffee-maker-soda Cleaning Coffee Maker

It is important to keep any coffee maker clean as any sort of sediments remaining in the machine would give off odor and any coffee oils not clean can turn rancid. All these can have a serious effect on your future brews.

The easiest way to clean any non paper filter, coffee makers even carafes is to use some baking powder.

In fact, baking powder mixed with warm water, to become a paste like solution is so good, it can clean coffee stains from even a good set of fine china cups!

Prevention maintenance

As the oft saying goes "prevention is better than cure". So, the best way to clean coffee maker of deposits is to prevent them getting the deposits in the first place!

The easiest way to do that is to prevent the use of tap water for any brewing.

The minerals that are in these hard water can build up inside the coffee makers' parts, doing damages by clogging the steam and water channels inside the machine.

If possible, always try to use filtered or distilled water. In fact, even carbon filtered water is better than tap water, and it comes with an added advantage of being odorless.

While, this might not be a full doctrine in cleaning coffee maker, the tips would definitely get you a cuppa without any foreign taste or odor!

By the way, would you want to know why cleaning coffee maker can brew better coffee, how to clean drip coffee maker with vinegar or simply more things about coffee makers? Well, click on those links would lead you to more information...


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