An easy buy coffee maker tip, no fuss at all

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Buy coffee maker is probably as big a decision, if most of your family members loves coffee. Regardless if it is a simple bunn coffee maker or a complicated saeco espresso machine, this decision is important.

You probably cannot find another appliance that rivals the impact it can make to your day than buying a coffee maker. So, if to buy coffee maker is really such an important decision, the selection must be tough!

Coffee maker is what you wake up to in the morning, probably brews what you drink through the day and usually the beverage you would unwind with in the evening, so if more than one person in your household drinks this, than choosing it is going to be a super headache.

This is because, everyone would have their own version of what is good! And, here is where this article comes in useful. I can offer a tip that would sit well with everyone. What if you can choose a coffee maker that everyone is happy with, that would solve your problem right?


Now, we humans are inherently lazy. So, give them something that is easy to use and easier to maintain (cleaning and stuff), then it should be easy to convince them that it is a good coffee maker.

Amongst all the selection of coffee makers, nothing come close in terms of ease of use and maintenance than a single serve coffee maker. Thus, if you buy coffee maker that is single serve, the acceptance should be high.

But, the folks in your family drinks different blend of coffee and you heard that most single serve coffee maker are closed system, isn't that a problem, how to get everyone to drink the same stuff?

Well, if you choose a coffee pods machine, for example senseo, melitta or My cafe from bunn, there are devices in the market that are able to "make" coffee pods from any blend of coffee. Now, if you can choose from any blend of coffee, your problem would be soved right?

Trust me, choosing the best coffee maker according to personal liking is no easy, but to choose one when so many people with each wanting their choice, is impossible. So, forget about those that requires you to "make" the coffee with the tamping, dosing and stuff. There are bound to be folks that want something easy.

So, getting one that is easy to use is the way to go. And with the additional value add that everyone can choose their blend of coffee, this purchase should be easy to pass through.

This is the official method, if you are a family unit with husband, wife, kids etc, another way to ensure that the coffee maker is purchased the soonest, maybe even with the model you like, is to "persuade" your wife to go for the model you like.

If your wife goes forward to buy coffee maker, usually kids would go with her. They would agreed then be subjected to her "persuasion"!

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