Is braun coffee any different from other coffee makers?

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If I would to say that braun coffee is special, it is unfair to other coffee makers. So, I would say that all coffee makers has their own special and unique offerings, but braun is my personal favorite.

The braun coffee maker is an established brand with close to a century of heritage being established in 1921. I know nobody would buy a piece of appliance simply because it has a history, but I think it is important.

The longer a brand has been around, the better it is for the consumer, why is that so? Well, if the brand is not good enough to survive the competition, it is not good enough for us.

On the other hand, brands like braun that have grow despite the intense competition in the coffee industry, would set you mind at ease that what they have to offer has to be top notch.

Braun has many coffee machines to choose, while they are not the top end gourmet coffee makers, they are very popular among the consumers, such as the aroma select.


If you asked me about my personal favorite, then it would have to be the single serve coffee maker from braun. Known as Tassimo, it created quite a stir when it was launched and currently it is one of the top brands in the single cup coffee maker market.

The Tassimo really re-define the idea of ease of operation. Not only does it allows you to brew a coffee easily, it allows you to brew a very tasty cup.

This is possible with its patented technology that reads the code behind the t-disc (the coffee pods that contains the ground coffee), and brews each cup of beverage according to the condition that is best for it.

So, a long black would be brewed differently from an espresso or a cappuccino.

And it is this, that draws me to this braun coffee maker and convert me into its loyal follower...


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