What is QR code and how it can help your coffee shop business in Singapore

Knowing what is qr code would help one to better appreciate the power of using qr code in marketing of their coffee shop whether it is in Singapore or elsewhere.

QR code as it is known meant quick response code and it is used by marketers to bridge the offline and online marketing.

It is a 2 dimensional matrix bar code. It looks like a black square pattern on a white background and can be read by any smartphone with camera.

QR Code, the bridge between offline and online

Previously, if you would to print a flyer to communicate your brand, there is no way to know how many people read your flyer.

But, with QR code, that prompt users to perform an action, such as clicking to a website, you can measure how many people take actions after reading your flyer.

It is the same for banner, posters, tentcards etc. And this is what we meant by bridging offline and online.

How do you use QR code?

1. You would need a smart phone such as iphone, android or blackberry.

2. Download the free qr code apps from the respective smart phone apps store.

3. Install the apps

4. Launched the apps and scan the QR code

What is QR code best value add?

It provides additional communication platforms and also allow you to measure your marketing campaign.

Communication platforms

Previously, if you are using flyers, it would only be graphic and words. With QR code, you can lead readers to a video, your website, your downloadable coupons.

This enhances the entire experience.

Using what you have, minimize the cost

Previously, a namecard is just a namecard.

But, with QR code, simply by sticking a sticker on your namecard, it can be turned into a video commercial featureing your F&B or coffee shop business.

It can bring the reader of your namecard to your coupon, effectively becoming a discount voucher, a promotional coupon.

QR code allows you to market at minimum cost.

Measuring the results

Without QR code, you would never know with every namecards given out, if they ever check your website.

Or, with 10 000 flyers send out, how many of them are actually being read.

By enabling analytics on QR site, you are able to track and measure all this.

Start using it for your F&B or coffee shop business

Whether it is a simple video, a downloadable coupon, or a full fledged social media campaign, QR code is able to assist you with that.

So, now that you know what is qr code, check out and learn more about other aspects of our ocm marketing and how it can value add to you!

Click here to find out if your coffee shop should use QR Code?

Here is a short video on qr code works

All QR code applications are free. Here are some places where you can download them:








QR Code Scanner Pro

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