Should Coffee shop use QR code in Singapore?

Getting coffee shop use qr code in Singapore is definitely the right thing to do.

QR code marketing is meant for coffee shop business that want to reach out but are restricted by budget.

This is because the target audience for qr code are the mobile phone users! 90-precen-mobile-are-smart-phone

Reach -90% of Singapore Mobile phone users

In other articles, we touch on the size of mobile phone users in Singapore, in a recent survey by Strait Times Singapore, it is found out that 90% of all handsets sold in Singapore are smart phones.

That means your iphone, android and blackberry.

You have more people on the mobile phones than internet and 90% of them are on smart phone -can you imagine the reach you would garnered with this audience.

And once they scan the code, they have easy access to that information which is all about your coffee shop!


Budget -reuse...

QR uses what you already have. You can stick a QR code on your namecard to make it into a coupon. Or, you can generate a code about your website to bring more traffic to your website.

Either way, qr uses the asset that you are having to do the marketing. straits-times-using-qr-code

Who is using it in Singapore

Most government agencies have been using it for years. Recently, two of the biggest media players in Singapore have embraced and launched this technology.

They are the Strait Times -Singapore largest Newspaper and MediaCorp, Singapore TV station. If this is not the technology that is up and coming, would these media boys even bother with it?

So, don't you think having coffee shop use qr code is right and about time? Check out the link to see how you can use it for marketing.

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