A Low Cost Thermal Mug Coffee Maker

It is difficult to find a lower cost thermal mug coffee maker than toastess. Since Toastess introduces the TFC-42T Silhouette Twin Coffee Maker, this Toastess Coffee Maker has been very popular.

It is a low-cost and simple personal coffee maker, while at the same time, is fitted with some pretty impressive features, and vies to outperform other one mug coffee makers.

This thermal mug coffee maker runs on an 800 watt power supply. Furthermore, it comes with not one, but two stainless steel 15-ounce travel mugs.

Why does it come with two travel mugs? This thermal mug coffee maker can brew for two travel mugs simultaneously.


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This feature is perfect for people on the go, who could not afford to wait for the extra brewing time when brewing coffee for two travel mugs.

Furthermore, it has two separate brewing chambers. Therefore, one can brew two different blends or flavors of coffee at the same time.

Alternatively, the TFC-42T Silhouette Twin Coffee Maker can also be set to brew for only one travel mug when brewing for only one travel mug is required.

The 15-ounce travel mugs have a no-slip grip and a lid that has open and close tabs that prevent spills and drips while on the go. Furthermore, the size of the travel mug can fit most car cup holders.

This thermal mug coffee maker comes with a permanent nylon filter. So, buying and stocking up on disposable paper filters are no longer required.

In addition, this machine can dispense hot water for other hot beverages, such as tea and hot chocolate, as well as provide hot water for instant soups and noodles.

This machine also has a removable drip tray for easy cleaning, an on/off indicator light, and water level indicator that is easy to read.

Best of all, this machine is affordable. In fact, the cost of this machine is equivalent to what you would spend in Starbucks for a month, which is around $30.

This machine may not have other features such as a timer, strength settings, and a built-in grinder, which other coffee machines have, such as Cuisinart coffee makers.

Nevertheless, the Toastess TFC-42T Silhouette Twin Coffee Maker is a low-cost solution for people on the go, who won’t need to stop by at a local coffee shop to get their coffee fix every morning, since with this thermal mug coffee maker, they can already brew one or two 15-ounce travel mugs of coffee at home.

Therefore, if you’re a coffee lover and a person on the go who does not have a coffee machine at home, the Toastess TFC-42T Silhouette Twin Coffee Maker might just be your best coffee maker.


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