Thermal carafe coffee maker is the next best thing!

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If thermal carafe coffee maker is the next best thing, then naturally the best thing would be the coffee makers! If you have been to parts of Asia and you see them using coffee socks to make coffee, you would really appreciate your single serve coffee brewer.

For the longest time, coffee makers depended on the heating plate to keep their coffee hot and fresh and what is the result? It either burn your coffee or the temperature is not enough to keep it hot giving you cold coffee.

So, no matter how good your coffee maker is, after 10 minutes, all those wonderful things would go down the drain simply because you do not have a way to maintain the temperature of your coffee.

That is the reason why thermal carafe coffee maker is such a welcoming thought. I do not know why no one ever thought about it before, all you need to do is to add in a thermal feature on your coffee decanter.


By providing a thermal coffee pot, consumers immediately are able to keep their coffee for at least one hour. The length that your thermal decanter is able to keep the coffee hot, depends on the type of materials used and of course its skill in constructing it.

The best thermal carafe coffee maker has to be zojirushi because their competitive advantage is in developing thermal carafe. My thought is, if you have ever wanted to look for some best coffee makers, thermal feature should always be one of your consideration.

Of course, by discussing carafe, I am talking about drip filter coffee maker, thermal feature would not be an issue to folks using espresso machine or single serve coffee maker.

But, because drip coffee always end up brewing a minimum of 4 cups and if you do not use any thermal carafe, chances are at least 2 of your coffee would go to waste.

Now, an equipment that allows you to have good coffee for up to an hour and ensuring that no coffee would go to waste, don't you think thermal carafe coffee maker is the next best thing right after the invention of coffee maker...


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