The Book Cafe, you don't go there for the food

If you think The Book Cafe, doesn't have good food due to the title, apologies on that. It is not the intended meaning for that title.

This cafe does have good food and the coffee served by La Pavoni is pretty mean too. What we want to communicate is, food or beverage is not the reason for going to the cafe.

So why go to a book cafe?

It might seems strange to some folks to use books as a theme when books and magazines are already available in most cafe.

The thing is about extensiveness. In most cafes, you would find some magazines, newspapers and books, in The Book Cafe, you would a lot of them.

This give it a scholarly feeling and it almost seems like a library, which allows you to chatter and does not prohibit you from eating and drinking.

Located in Seng Kee Bldg 20 Martin Road, Singapore 239070, its location is another reason why you want to go there.

It brings you away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and once in there, its comfortable setting and cozy feeling would settles your senses no matter how hyper it is.

And that is the story that this book cafe is presenting and one that is very well presented. Serene, relaxed are words that one would used on this cafe.


When is the best time to go there

Maybe is a culture there or it has a community that believes in the same value.

Their staff are very service oriented and this makes you feel at home. Even the customers there are not loud, perhaps striving to preserve the quietness that is so rare.

But, a really good time in our view would be the late afternoon, where you want to unwind after a hard day work and to relax your hyper worked out mind.

That is a good time to hit a book, sip some cappuccino and treat yourself to some peace and quiet albeit only for that hour or two.

If you know of coffee shops or cafe that are similar in nature to the book cafe, and want to share it with us and our readers, please check out the link (oh, and we have a small gift for your contributions!).

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