Starbucks coffee maker can save you some monies!

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How starbucks coffee maker saved you money is by brewing your own instead of buying from the outlet. Other than enjoying coffee from the comfort of your own home, you get to controlled the quality and taste profile you truyly enjoyed.

But since we are talking about cost, how much do you reckon getting a starbucks coffee maker can saved you compared to buying it from their outlet? Usually, people would use the cost of the machine as a benchmark, but here I would show you differently.

Let's assumed that you have a long black from Starbucks everyday (the truth is, most of us would have at least 2, one for breakfast and one during the afternoon tea). Regardless of the areas that you are from, one cup should cost approximately $3.50.

At that pricing, you would need to spend $1277.50 on starbucks coffee! Now, if you were to get a brewer from starbucks and do it at home, a single serve of coffee would cost you at most $0.30. That would worked out to be $109.50.


So, you do not need to worry about breaking even on starbucks coffee maker as you would saved more a thousand dollars if you switch from drinking at starbucks outlet to home. And no starbucks brewer cost more than a thousand dollars.

Now, some of you might query me on the variable cost. Sure, there are the cost on the electricity and water, and that is about all. Even if this variable cost adds up to another $0.30 per serve, it would only cost you another S$109.50. There is no other cost.

For example, if you are using the starbucks barista aroma solo brewer, it comes with a very durable mesh filter that many people feedback that can be used for up to 24 months with proper maintenance.

And for those "green" folks, this is definitely a brewer that is very environmentally friendly -it waste no paper filter at all!

There would be some of you that are thinking about the quality of life issue. When you visit a starbucks outlet, you just pay the money and enjoy the drink, if you are brewing it yourself, wouldn't you have to wake up earlier just to brew the coffee.

I guess that is why they invented and incorporated programmable features into so many coffee makers. And even for the entry level aroma solo, it also comes with this function. You just need to set the brewer the night before your sleep and you can wake up to a freshly brewed cuppa.

Even if you have set the time wrongly, your coffee would still be fresh with the aroma solo as its thermal feature is said to insulate the heat for up to 5 hours.

This is as close to no hassle coffee drinking and almost similar to paying for a coffee which I believe starbucks is trying to provide for the home user. And of course, it saves you some money along the way.

Oh, what I am showing you is just for a year, this brewer can probably last a year or two and from there, you can work out the savings that you have accumulated by simply using this starbucks coffee maker.


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