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More people loves seattles best coffee than starbucks coffee -this is a personal opinion. While you heard of people demonstrating against starbucks on various issues, seattles best has managed to be relatively scandal free.

The taste profile form seattles best coffee is on the smooth side and I believe most of their blend are done to medium roast, giving aroma but at the same time with not so over powering taste.

Similar to starbucks, coffee drinkers loves to sip a cuppa in the outlet and take a breather from their hectic life. Just in case you think that seattles best might be a better coffee company or in some ways better than starbucks, I need to let you know that they are the same company.

Yes, starbucks owned seattles best, both coffee comes from the same company, probably even shared the same roasting facilities.


That is not the point right, the point is, you like seattles best and would like to have it at home without needing to know the details on how to brew a good cup of coffee and all those techniques that is involved.

I do not know a couple of years ago, if it was possible to brew seattles best at home, but now it is definitely possible with tassimo coffee maker. One of the greatest value add of keurig, I think lies in its wide array of coffee brands.

And seattles best is just one of them and they also have starbucks. Other than having a wide range of coffee, being a single serve coffee maker, it is very easy to use.

Now, you can enjoyed the coffee just as you did in the cafe or coffee shops. The effort in those coffee shops was just to pay money and carrying it to your table. Using a tassimo coffee maker, you need to insert the t disc and press the button for your coffee.

Effort wise, there is not much difference. So, if you have been thinking of recreating those cafe experience at home, my recommendation to you is to get a tassimo coffee maker, it has the brands and it is easy to use.


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