Rancilio silvia espresso machine is not for everyone...

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Personally, rancilio silvia espresso machine brews quality espresso that is comparable to commercial machines. However, because it is designed to be similar to commercial coffee machines, using it is not so straight forward.

And that is the reason, why I think rancilio silvia espresso machine is not for everyone. Rather than saying who it is not meant for, it is simpler to say that this machine is meant for those that wants to learn more about the art of espresso making.

Folks that are serious about learning how to make espresso would benefit most this machine. Although an entry level machine, it has the "weight" that make it comparable to commercial grade.

For those that are in the known, the heavier it is for an espresso machine, the better is the temperature stability. And Rancilio silvia has enough brass, i.e. weight to ensure that the temperature is stable, a very important element for making great espresso.

Furthermore, to ensure good heat transfer, the rancilio has their boiler and grouphead bolted together, all these are done to ensure the temperature is optimal for producing your espresso.


Now, when I mentioned that rancilio silvia espresso machine is not for everyone, it also refers to folks that just want a cuppa in the morning, those that cannot wait. Any baristas or person that has worked in a coffee shops knows that starting an espresso machine requries some time.

And because this machine is designed to be similar to a commercial machine, it takes approximately 30 minutes to fire up. To put it plainly, this machine is too cold to produce any espresso until 30 minutes later.

When you have a problem, there would be numerous solutions, there are many techniques to circumvent this issue, here we would show you the easiest -and that is to buy a mechanical timer.

This timer are devices that would activate electricity to a plug at set times. So, if you are waking up in the morning at 8 am, you can set the timer at 730. In this manner, by the time you wash up and are ready to prepare your breakfast, the machine is all fired up.

Now, I mentioned that you need some skills to get good brew from a rancilio silvia espresso machine and one the skill set is 'temperature surfing' to achieve the correct brew temperature for the extraction of the coffee ground.

Because rancilio uses a thermostat with a wide range that varies between cold and hot, and this wide range known as deadband would produce lower quality coffee due to the brew water temperature off the mark, so user need to time the start of the extraction to a specific point in the boiler's heating cycle to get the correct brew temperature.

If this piece of article is too deep or even boring for you, then you are better off looking at single serve coffee maker, which promises hassle free delivery of coffee...


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