Pod coffee is for those that loves to drink coffee

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People keep asking me about pod coffee maker and whether they should be getting one of these coffee makers. I have written countless articles and published numerous comparison between single cup coffee maker and other coffee machines.

Yet, people are still coming to me on advice if they should get pod coffee maker. So, I decided to keep it real simple, buy this single serve coffee maker if you only loves to drink coffee and nothing else.

This is the simplest reason that I can give for people that are choosing between single cup brewer, drip filter and espresso machines. If you want to be very decisive and do not want to have sleepless night on the choice of something so simple as a coffee machine, then use this benchmark.

If you loves a hot fresh cup of coffee in the morning, but hate to do the programming (it confuses you) the night before, and you can never remember how much coffee ground to put inside the brewing basket, or you probably would run late waiting for the espresso machine to warm up, then pod coffee is a solution that you would grow to love.


However, you must consider these few factors before investing in this machine. The number one factor is the consumption pattern for your machine, if it is kept within family, then go for the single serve coffee, but if you are using it to host parties, you might want to check out a higher capacity coffee machine.

And if you would to purchase the single serve coffee brewer, you would also know that this is a machine that is programmed to serve. So, you would not be able to use it to better your coffee skills.

The whole idea behind this machine is to be as idoit proof as possible, so that anybody can press a button and brew a great cup of coffee.

Now, if these two factors does not bothers you and you know for a fact that you loves good coffee, then go ahead and buy these single cup coffee machines. I can anticipate your next question on which is the better brand.

I cannot answer for everyone but personally to me, I loves the keurig coffee maker and would recommend that for a start, you can go with the keurig b40. They are easy to use and comes with a wide variety of beverages to choose from.

Check out this link for more information:

Well, hope this article keep it simple enough for you to make your decision and would lead you to a machine that gives you good coffee.


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