Please open a coffee shop with this mentality...

To open a coffee shop in Singapore is not easy, but to remain open you have to be really excellent. There are problems, there always would be.

Folks that want to secure a place in major shopping center, it could be NEX a neighborhood mall or ION the hottest shopping place in town -it is not easy.

If you are not known, landlord wants to know your plan, and if you are just another Yakun, Starbucks or Toastbox, it is likely that you would be rejected.

And that is another reason why you need to have this mentality -growing your own unique value proposition.

Take a look at Yakun, what are they selling? Kaya? Nope, they are selling a piece of heritage. And have you ever seen Starbucks talking about how good their coffee is?

It is always about the Starbucks experience.

The tough part is of course, how would you know if your value proposition is what the consumers are looking for. To do that, you can do research with a variety of free tools.

DO some research before you open a coffee shop, know what consumers are looking for, and grow that value proposition.

1. Go to Google, and search for keyword tool.

2. Google has a free keyword tool

3. It is self explanatory, use it to look for keywords related to your industry, coffee, coffee shops, etc.

4. Look at the numbers beside the keywords, that shows the number of searches per month.

5. Do you maths and decide how many customers you need

6. choose the variables that people are looking and incorporate it into your coffee shop business plan.

It can be anything from as simple as better seating in coffee shop to a thicker black coffee.


Do not be restricted to just one or two keywords for you to open a coffee shop, spread out your risk by working on a set of keywords. But, group the keywords, i.e. variables according to degree of importance.

For example, you did a keyword search and found out that a lot of people are looking for cheap hi-tea, good lunch deal, and delicious ice coffee.

And if ice coffee is your specialty, that is what your shop story should be. The cheap hi-tea and good lunch are two more variables to drive more traffic to your coffee shop.

Other references

If you need help to open a coffee shop, do check out our other articles, hope you can benefit from it.

For a really easy way to do some marketing for your coffee shop in Singapore, do check out our marketing package.

Do remember to list your shop in our free coffee shop guide to get some publicity as well.

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