Mr Coffee Iced Tea Pitcher has nothing special

For just less than nine dollars, you can purchase a Mr Coffee iced tea pitcher. It fits with one of the its ice tea makers. Obviously; but which one?

In fact the iced tea pitcher is standard in design for at least four of the iced tea makers in the market place.

There are various Mr. Coffee tea maker models on the market. Four or five of them can use the same iced tea pitcher. This is not only a saving but also quite practical.

The Mr Coffee iced tea pitcher does not cost the earth to replace. It does however retail for more than a third of the cost of one of the Mr Coffee iced tea makers.


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If you need to replace the Mr. Coffee tea maker at least you know that the Mr. Coffee iced tea pitcher from your old machine could very well fit the new machine.

The practical advantages are many. Whilst you are using one Mr. Coffee tea pitcher to serve iced tea, the other Mr. Coffee iced tea pitcher can be used to prepare the next round of iced tea.

The Mr Coffee iced tea pitcher looks like a jug more than a Mr. Coffee iced tea pot. It is robust in design, has an ergonomically pleasing handle and is transparent which allow you to enjoy the natural color of the iced tea.

It also makes it easier to judge when to head back to the kitchen to start the process of preparing the next round of iced tea.

The iced tea makers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are capable of preparing tea with a strength that can be preset. In other words the tea you prepare with the Mr. Coffee iced tea maker of your choice is as you want it.

The Mr. Coffee iced tea pitcher is also easy to clean and can be used for a number of other jobs around the kitchen that require the use of a pitcher.

However, it is important to note that you should be careful of what you put into your Mr. Coffee iced tea pitcher that might taint the flavor of the next iced tea that you make.

You want your tea to taste of tea and not some detergent you had in the pitcher before. Bearing that in mind your Mr Coffee iced tea pitcher will give you long service.

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