Krups KM7000 grind and brew coffeemaker, who should buy them?

Krups KM7000 grind and brew coffeemaker is a comprehensive coffee maker that would serve you a very fresh cup of coffee with a press of button, but it is for you?

How We evaluate Coffeemaker?

Folks that have been following our reviews know that we evaluate coffee maker based on the 4 Ps.

They are the Phew (it is easy to use), the Price (it is affordable for you), the Plot (do you have the space for it) and the popularity (it is your favorite brand).

Learn more about the 4 Ps to learn about how we compare coffee makers.

If you are here, chances are you like Krups, so we would not be touching much on the popularity.

Basic information about this coffee maker

krups KM7000 grind and brew coffeemaker is a 1000watt programmable brewer that can served up to 10 cups. Armed with a conical burr that can do 5 different grind size.

It also allows you to set 3 different coffee strength and choose between serving of 2, 4, 6, 8 and of course 10 cups.

To learn more about KRUPS KM7000, the benefits and even discounts, check out the link.

Should you consider this Krups KM7000 grind and brew coffee maker?

Price factor

If you are talking about drip coffee maker, then this is not the cheapest. Even if you compared it within the programmable, it is also pricey.

So, if you are looking for an affordable drip coffee maker, this would not be the choice.


Not small, if you have limited space, this might not be the ideal machine for your dinning room.

Phew factor

It is a programmable, so it is easy to use. One button operation, and ready coffee for you early in the morning are the promises of programmable features.

So, if you are someone looking for fuss free coffee in the moring. This would be the one.

Our analysis of Krups KM7000 grind and brew coffee maker is based on our metrics, for more information (and even different pricing), check out the world's largest shopping mall!:)

For more information and articles such as this krups KM7000 grind and brew coffeemaker, check out our krups home page


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