Keurig single cup coffee maker is in my favorite hotel!

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Sure, keurig single cup coffee maker has penetrated close to 40% of my neighborhood, and it is also being used in many companies ( I saw it in my customer's office, makes me so jealous...)

The thing is, keurig single cup coffee maker has penetrated into offices and homes but for folks like me that travels alot, you do hope for a solution that is available in hotels and restaurants right?


Guess what? I actually saw it in one of the hotels in South East Asia. Isn't is amazing that even Asia folks knows about Keurig coffee maker. Why I make this comments, is because their drinking pattern is very different from the westerners. They like Robusta and most of them drinks their coffee from coffee socks.

Anyway, I saw a Keurig and after surfing the net, know that this is the Keurig B130, and it is in fact designed for commercial use, primarily hotels.

After "checking out" this keurig B130, one can see why it is designed for hotel rooms. First, as with all other Keurig design, this B130 is sleek and elegant, allowing it to go into any room decor.

Then, being a single serve coffee maker, it is easy to clean, with removable drip tray and from what I see, the design is pretty robust. This would be important for the hotel staff that are cleaning and maintaining the rooms.

But, the next pointer is what really makes this keurig single cup coffee maker great for hotels. It comes with a cup sensor that would not brew any coffee if a cup is not at the cup holder.

This is an important function as not all guests are familiar with single serve coffee maker, it is in away a safety function, to ensure that there would be hot coffee gushing out and scaling the guest.

To further mitigate the "don't know how to use" function, Keurig B130 actually comes with a how to instruction graphics. The easy to follow instruction allows any guest to easily follows the instruction and brew a great cup of coffee.

The last point I observed that would make this keurig single serve good for hotel operation is the auto off. Although, a simple feature, making the keurig single serve in stand by mode would saves the hotel hundreds of thousands dollars in energy bills if every room would to be equipped with one.

Personally, the augmentation that was done to make this keurig well suited for hotel's operation should be well received and hopefully, soon keurig would be available in many hotels (at least in the ones that I am in...).

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