K cups from Keurig coffee is the new generation of gourmet coffee makers

Personally, k cups revolutionized coffee brewing. In the old days making a cup of espresso coffee was a laborious process that involved grinding coffee beans and filling an espresso machine, all with the purpose of making a single cup of espresso coffee.

With K cups from Keurig coffee you now have a cartridge system which allows for the perfect cup of espresso coffee every time.

The Keurig B60 Espresso machine offers at least 120 different types of coffee and at least 50 different types of tea in a single serve portions.

This makes making a single cup of coffee so much easier. With three up sizes to choose from, the Keurig coffee maker is able to make single serve espresso cups time and time again.


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Whether the machine is used at home, in the office or at a coffee shop the single serve K cups are the future. With the touch of a button you get gourmet coffee.

Linked to the excellent quality of product supplied by Keurig coffee, the new generation of gourmet coffee makers is a bold step into the future. The great thing about the K. cup system is that the ingredients are perfectly measured and provide the best espresso experience possible.


Another great advantage of this system is the lack of mess that needs to be cleaned up afterwards. This machine is easy to maintain and very easy to use.

One more great feature of this machine is that you can use the same machine to make a whole variety of different types of coffees as well as a whole range of different types of tea. The danger is that tea lovers will hog this machine and the coffee lovers will not get a chance to use it.

With such an amazing variety to choose from, both for coffee lovers as well as for tea lovers, it is not hard to understand why more and more people are deciding to choose the Keurig coffee maker.In fact, the most difficult thing you might have to do is to decide which espresso cups you need to purchase. The K cup system will do all the rest. (Especially, if you are with your wifey, buying cups can take very long time...:)

I wonder how many fathers out there are waiting in anticipation for one of these Kay cup systems for Father’s Day. I think it would make a very good gift. I wish someone would give me one.

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