How to use French press?

"How to use french press" should not even be an article, for the fact that it is a very straightforward appliance, however, there are some pointers to note while using the french press coffee maker.

The French press method of making the finest filter coffee is well known across the globe amongst coffee lovers.

A French press coffee maker is one of the easiest coffee makers to use and learning how to use French press does not require that much practice to end up using it perfectly.

So is it difficult to learn how to use French press coffee maker?


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Not at all! You require a French press coffee maker. Now there are very different models on the market. The Bodum French press range is extensive and even includes a stainless steel French press coffee maker.

Regardless of which type of coffee press you get, the principle it the same. The grounds are loaded into the bottom of the coffee press, you add hot water, let it stand and then insert the mesh filter into the coffee press and slowly push down.

Now it does seem easy and it is easy. There are, nevertheless, some points one should bear in mind when learning how to use a French press coffee maker.

The first is the degree of coarseness of the grind. There are many schools of thought and opinions on how coarse, or how fine, the grind of the coffee should be that one uses in a French press.

In my opinion the grind should rather tend to be on the coarse side. The reason is that the chances of some of the sediment passing through the wire mesh filter and into your coffee cup is smaller than when you use a fine grind of coffee.

I prefer a coarsely ground coffee. Secondly is the issue of stirring. I feel that once the recently boiled water (I do not think it should still be boiling), is poured into the French press coffee maker, the mixture should be given a stir once just to make sure that the coffee grounds have not created a lump which makes the strength of the brew less than what was intended.

Once the brew has had a chance to settle and the grounds start to sink slowly to the bottom of the coffee press, take all the time you need to push the mesh filter down.

If it is pushed to fast the sediment might slip past the edge of the mesh filter and will end up in your cup.

Take the time you need and ensure that the resultant coffee is just to your liking. It is really not that difficult to learn how to use a French press coffee maker.


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