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You must be thinking who doesn’t know that? There are so many methods, especially in Singapore.

Launch some promotions? Sure, you can put up a few print advertisements on Straits Times, or you can opt for the lower cost “Today” newspaper by Mediacorp.

What about Television Advertising?  A Television advertisement is pretty affordable now. Mediacorp has a promotion that charges about $3000+ for X number of airtime on national TV.

Or you can go for the cheaper option of distributing your flyers on the road - many people are doing that.

By the way, do you know that SingPost can actually distribute flyers for you? When people lock up their mail boxes so that no one can send junk mail to them, SingPost can deliver your flyer right to your target audience for a fee. Isn’t that great? (The only downside is that 6,584 other companies are probably doing the same thing as you.)

All of the above traditional methods are probably what comes to your mind when you are thinking of ways to bring in additional traffic (i.e.people who are not shopping or living in your vicinity) to your coffee shop.

Only thing is -it is not very effective.

Sure, having an exposure on Today's newspaper can reach about 700,000 people for a single day, but how many people actually pay attention to your ad is the point to consider.

About the flyers distribution -you saw how many of them were being thrashed, right? And look at the dust bin beside your mail box to see how much junk mail are being dumped daily.

The reality is, you think you know how to drive traffic to your coffee shop, but it might not be all that useful.

Did this question make you stop and think?  That is good  - at least you are aware. Here are some other questions  of similar importance on how to drive traffic to your coffee shop that you can read about too.

Cost effective solutions? Here is a more cost-effective package that we offer periodically.

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F&B Demand/Competition Research

Have you done your research? Do you know

1. How many people are looking for your products?
2. Who are your main competitors?
3. What are the things (terms) consumers are looking for? 

By researching the coffee shop industry in Singapore, you get input with anything from a complete business model to coming out with your café / coffee shop’s names. (not very clear here?)

**Read more about F&B demand and competition package.

F&B Planning

No, your coffee shop layout or how to open a coffee shop is not how we will value add.

We are the marketing element in your coffee shop business plan, one that belongs to the profit center which will generate extra sales for you.

After the research, we will customize a marketing plan for your company.

**Read more about the F&B planning package.

F&B Strategies

From the plan and objectives, we will also come out with strategies on how to better market your coffee business.

And while there will definitely be some promotional expenses, it will be much lower than what you would have spent on your coffee shop decor, coffee shop equipment and in fact, most coffee shop furniture as well.

**Read more about the F&B strategies package.

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