Which Home Cafe coffee maker is Better?

Home cafe coffee maker is under the family of the single serve coffee makers and their usage is high because of its reasonable costing and ease of use.

Single serve pod coffee makers are very popular and more appealing than drip coffee makers. These single serve machines are easier to use, have a quicker brewing time, require fewer cleanups after use, and have a smaller footprint and are more compact.

Since these machines make use of coffee pods, there is no need to grind coffee beans, and make use of coffee filters.

Disposing of a used coffee pod is much simpler and does not make a mess at all, since the used coffee grounds are totally encased inside the pod with no risk of spilling onto the countertop.


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If you’ve looked at the different single serve pod coffee makers from Senseo Coffee Makers, Black and Decker Coffee Makers, and Gevalia Coffee Makers, among others, you’ve probably read or heard about the Home Cafe. However, which Home Cafe coffee maker have you chanced upon?

There are two pod coffee makers from different brands that share the name Home Cafe, the Black and Decker GT300 Home Café and the Mr. Coffee SL13 Home Café. So which one is better? home-cafe-coffee-maker-black-decker
Black and Decker Home Café

The Black and Decker GT300 Home Cafe is a pod coffee maker that can accommodate both coffee and tea pods. It boasts a very robust design and very intuitive and easy to use controls.

What sets the Black and Decker Home Cafe coffee maker apart from most single serve pod coffee makers is its adjustable brew size settings.

You can set it to brew 7, 9, or 14oz of coffee or tea. In other words, it can accommodate coffee cups and mugs of different sizes, even the taller travel mugs. Therefore, this machine really suits the person-on-the-go.

Its other features include a cleaning cycle function and a removable cup booster and drip tray.

home-cafe-coffee-maker-mrcoffee Mr. Coffee Home Café

The Mr. Coffee SL13 Home Cafe coffee maker also accommodates both coffee and tea pods. However, it can also accommodate coffee grounds and loose tea, which appeals to those who want to make use of their own grounds from time to time.

Its ability to make use of coffee grounds and loose tea makes the Mr. Coffee Home Café very versatile.

Furthermore, despite being a single serve brewer, it can brew for two cups simultaneously. If you need to brew coffee for two people, you no longer need to brew one cup at a time. Rather, you can just brew with both cups sitting side-by-side.

Its other features include cord storage and an adjustable cup booster to accommodate different cup sizes.

So which one is better?

As far as cost is concerned, the Mr. Coffee SL13 Home Cafe is more affordable at less than $40, while the Black and Decker GT300 Home Cafe is slightly more expensive at just over $50.

However, the Black and Decker GT300 Home Café is more popular due to its more stylish appearance and its different brew sizes.

Since the single serve coffee maker appeals to people who value fast turnaround (brewing time of less than a minute) and convenience (quick preparation, little cleanup after brewing), its ability to not just accommodate, but to fill up a 14oz travel mug is paramount, making it all the more a grab-and-go coffee maker.

Nevertheless, performance wise, both of these machines are dead even, and both can make a great cup of coffee.

In the end, it all boils down to preference. If you want to have the option of making use of your own grounds, the Mr. Coffee SL13 Home Cafe coffee maker is better. If you want the option of having multiple brew size options, the Black and Decker GT300 Home Café is the better choice.


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