Hairloom and caramel cafe make it really sweet!


Hairloom and caramel cafe do not served very sweet stuff, but when you enter their premise, you cannot help but have this sweet feeling.

Located in 100 Beach Road, the ground floor of Shaw Towers, it is stand out from the nondescript shops and outlets that are near it.

The sweet feel, or more accurately the wonderland feelings is the reason why we placed Caramel cafe in our unique cafe series.

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Why do you want to go there

There is a Starbucks near to the hairloom and caramel cafe, does this cafe serves better coffee that Starbucks?

We are not sure of that, and anyhow, how do you compare the goodness of a coffee? By the taste of it, or by the entire package?

If if it is by the taste, then many coffee snobs would never agree that Starbucks has good coffee. It is always about the Starbucks experience and the ambiance.

If ambiance is the term, then hairloom and caramel really have an edge over Starbucks and many other cafes.

Most cafe boast of quaint and quiet as a variable to attract customers. This is also a quality that set them apart from other cafes that are so crowded and noisy.

But for this particular cafe, you would strangely find it acceptable with a little bit of crowd and a little bit of noise.

It might be because of the loud color, the bright cakes on display. Everything make you feel better and crowd seems to be acceptable as well.

You cannot imagine a quiet wonderland, can you?

Food wise, the cakes are pretty good, the coffee are the standard stuff. But as we always stress, the taste of the coffee comprises of a few variables, and the environment is one of them.

Generally, drinking coffee in a happy place naturally make the coffee better. And Hairloom and Caramel is one such place.

What is the best time to go there

T absorb in the happy tone, it is best to go and mingle with the crowd. But, during the peak hours, you might not even get a seat!

So, check this place during the off peak, we can assure you that the crowd is still there. There is no reason why people do not want to go to a happy place!

The later part of the afternoon is usually the timing we recommend folks to check out cafes.

So, after reading about hairloom and caramel cafe, do you have an unique cafe that you want to share with us and the readers too?

Follow the link, share with us what you know and we would share with you some good "stuff" too!

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