One GE coffee maker parts that you would need.

Even though the GE coffee maker manufacturer is as big an organization as say Keurig or Bunn, the GE coffee makers are certainly not as popular as these or other well known coffee makers.

As a result of this lack of brand recognition, the GE coffee makers would not automatically be associated with the league of best coffee maker.

The market exposure that the GE coffee maker has of late been exposed too concerns particular GE coffee maker parts.

The GE coffee maker parts that have been drawing unfortunate attention have been the failure of the glass carafe which appears to be breaking very easily.

In fact some of the fairly good reviews have clearly expressed disappointment with the failure of this essential of GE coffee maker parts.


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Unfortunately, this has undone a lot of the positive market coverage that the GE coffee makers have in the past been able to garner.

In addition, some customers have baulked at the price of the replacement carafe saying that small appliance parts should not be that expensive.

Some have even suggested the use of a “pirate part” from another manufacturer using their universal coffee carafe.

This universal replacement carafe is readily available online at a price that most would agree is reasonable. The thing is that customers have come to expect the same performance from all coffee makers.

Whether you have a Cuisinart coffee maker or a GE coffee maker, you expect consistent performance and quality components.

Bunn coffee maker parts, in as far as they might be required, are reasonably priced and do not detract from the good reputation of the Bunn coffee makers.

It is not unreasonable to expect good service and value for money from a well priced coffee maker.

Initially it seems as if the GE coffee maker fulfills these requirements. However, the lack of durability of the carafe of the GE coffee maker is cause for concern.

There also does not seem to be a clear pattern of use, or abuse for that matter, which would speed up the failure of this part.

The failure is usually sudden and catastrophic which will spoil anyone’s day.

Whilst not wanting to warn against the purchase of a GE coffee maker the failure of the carafe mitigates against an unequivocal endorsement of this coffee maker. It is difficult to recommend a coffee maker that clearly has challenges to overcome.


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