Flavored coffee pods are just marketing tools

Hard to believe that those flavored coffee pods are just some marketing gimmicks, isn't it? There is no business in the marketplace that is not there in pursuit of profit. Virtually all business ventures are driven by the desire to make a profit.

In this drive virtually all means are employed to achieve this end. The most successful businesses base their success on been able to supply what the customers need.

If your customer requires vanilla flavored coffee, then vanilla flavored coffee is what should be on offer. This desire to meet the customer’s needs has given rise to the flavored coffee pods.

There are a multitude of different coffee pods in the marketplace. For the connoisseur these flavored coffee pods might not qualify as gourmet coffee.


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Fact is a lot of money is made through the manufacture of coffee pods. Whether they are Senseo pods or gourmet coffee pods filled with Keurig coffee, the multitude of different products expands what customers are able to enjoy.

Happy customers are satisfied customers. A satisfied customer will return to purchase more coffee pods. If the impression has been created that all coffee suppliers have abandoned the supply of coffee beans and have abandoned their heritage in roasting coffee, this is incorrect.

It is a given that all of the market leading coffee suppliers will still supply coffee beans, roasted or green to every coffee lover. One is still able to buy fresh beans or freshly ground coffee.


The introduction of the single serve flavored coffee has merely extended the range of merchandise on offer. Together with the increase in the merchandise on offer the number of coffee pod suppliers has increased as well.

Juan Valdez is also a force in the market place. The Juan coffee pods can also be enjoyed by flavored coffee lovers.

The number of variations of single serve flavored coffee on offer is limited only by what ones imagination limits one to. The pod need not only serve the coffee market.

There are a whole range of tea products that could be served through the pod system. This makes the pod system even more versatile and affordable as more than one person in the family can enjoy the use of the machine. The best about the pod system is that it is easy to clean and maintain.

That makes it a very user friendly system. The most endearing attribute of the flavored coffee pods is the speed at which your favorite cup of coffee can be prepared. All in all, flavored coffee pods are more than just a marketing tool. They add value to the coffee experience.


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