Why get the flavia s350 for your office?

The lustrous and shinny Flavia S350 Brewer is the new world standard in workplace brewers, delivering coffee shop eminence across an absolute cafe menu.

You can almost say that the only one of its kind Flavia brewing system has just got better.

It is like having a qualified coffee artist in your workplace, with a remarkable cafe menu of freshly brewed drinks, offering your staffs the drinks of their choice.

Gosh, are we being too dramatic about coffee? Guess, this is just another way of writing a review about some very technical stuff right?;)


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The Flavia S350 can be water filled by hand or plumbed in. It can be activated as free vending machine, token or coin controlled or key switched involving the two.

The LCD screen can walk even a child all the way through the brewing process. The brewer double up as a hot water point, dispensing hot water when desired.

It is a tremendously unfailing machine that is uncomplicated, maintenance free, and necessitates very little cleaning even after hundreds of beverages.

Every cup takes only thirty five seconds. Safety wise, the S350 coffee brewer has a sensor to make sure that the cup is in place before it will start to dispense (no worries of scalding).

The design and manufacturing of this Flavia S350 coffee machine is wonderful. It suits most situations and uses flawlessly while creating the most consistently fresh drinks on the market. Of course, what else would you expect from M&M Mars Incorporated?

While tasty coffee is the direct effect of getting a flavia coffee system, we think it might even positively impact your bottomline.

Getting a good coffee coffee machine that is easy to use better the image of a company and it boasts your image in front of your customers.

In fact, if you are offering a good quality coffee machine and services to your customers, with a better perception of your company, they have the tendencies to support your company, thus increasing your sales and incomes.

Try to imagine serving low quality to an important customer, that would definitely turn them down and eventually you might lose them and will no longer come back to your company.

Finally, if you always buy Starbucks for customers, do note that the cost is higher. And if you are making instant coffee, it just do not do well for your image.

Therefore Flavia s350 is just right.


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