An espresso machine that has the same price as a car

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If you research the Clover espresso machine in the internet, the price tag that is associated with this machine is impressive. It is only when you have carefully counted the zeros that you realize this espresso maker does not cost one thousand dollars; rather it has a price tag of ten thousand dollars!

A ten thousand dollar espresso machine and a single serve machine at that. Astounding! This is no ordinary coffee machine. Indeed there must be something very special about it to warrant such a steep price tag. *This link has more articles on machines and brewers, if it interest you

It appears as if a simple request such as, “Can I get an espresso, please?” has launched an industry whose sole purpose it is to create “normal” espresso as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, the Clover espresso machine has lifted this simple quest to the level of a science!


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For ten thousand dollars you do not have to do much except provide power, coffee grinds, water and a cup. Remember we are taking about a single serve machine!

The machine will assess how much water is required and add it to the grinds in the brewing chamber. A mechanism creates a vacuum beneath the grinds which draws the boiling water through the coffee into a receptacle from which the espresso can be tapped and dispensed into the cup.

The grinds that stay behind are easily removed as the chamber moves the grinds into a position for easy cleaning. Given that the clover machine has such computing power integrated into it, it provides the incredible ability to deliver the same standard of espresso time after time.


It is not a cappuccino machine. The hot milk and froth have to be added from elsewhere. It works like a single shot espresso machine but you can see that its computing poweress is so much better than most coffee machines...**This link would brings you to more coffee makers

Compared to other single serve espresso machines on the market the Clover appears to be in a class of its own. Whether it is a Delonghi espresso maker for just under eighty dollars or a Saeco espresso maker for around two hundred and fifty dollars, they are all coffee machines that make espresso that requires your attention, human errors abound.

It is the consistency and lack of wastage that makes the Clover stand out. It is a given that this particular machine is not for domestic use, whilst the prices on the other two espresso makers would suggest that they are.

The Clover machine is for the retail trade and most probably will grace the finest coffee shop establishments around the world. In all likelihood the reputation of an establishment that serves coffee could be built up on the use of such an coffee machine.


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