Why enterprise coffee grinder has no complain?

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For your information, enterprise coffee grinder is a very old type of coffee mill that I believed nobody would be using now. Why I am bringing it up, is because of the grind size that it produces.

Now, personally I did not see it in action before, but judging from the look of it, I believed enterprise coffee grinder would have the same problem as a blade grinder.

If those of you have read my previous article, my main grouse about blade grinder is the uneven and inconsistent ground that they have done. This would lead to over or under extraction, so even if you are using one of the best coffee makers the coffee would still be bad.

And while the complain for blade grinder is not that high, I believed it is because only the newbies are using them and once it dawned on them that the grinder is not that useful, they would simply moved on to the burr coffee grinder.


The fact is, people that are grinding their own coffee ground would not use the blade grinder, which bring us to the question on why enterprise despite its similarity to the blade grinder is so widely accepted at that point in time?

In fact, why are all the antique grinder like arcade that works like a blade grinder so widely accepted?

You must note that at that time of grinding coffee, there wasn't any bunn or mr coffee coffee maker. People are brewing coffee using filter cloth or what is known as coffee socks.

And as the brewing is done manually, the person brewing it is able to control the intensity and depth of the coffee taste that they prefer. For example, how concentrated you want a cup of coffee to be is done by pouring water through the coffee socks, the more times it goes it, the more intense your coffee would be.

But, enterprise coffee grinder can only be collected now as an ornamental piece as not many people do manual grinding nowadays and the inconsistent grind size would not brew a good coffee using todays coffee makers.


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