Electric Coffee Makers Might Not Be As Good As This...

These days, electric coffee makers are widely used by many coffee drinkers. New models having new features come out almost daily.

One of the newest inventions that were introduced is the Mypressi Twist. But, this new product is a non electric coffee maker that has an "engine" which operates with NO2 cartridge.

The pressure that this coffee maker can generate is up to 9 bars (135 psi). Each of its cartridges lasts for about eight turns of espresso, which means that you only need coffee and hot water to have a fresh espresso.

Mypressi is known to be “the world’s first portable espresso maker machine” because of its ability to be carried anywhere in the world.

The creation of Mypressi TWIST begun when the inventor long for an espresso during honeymoon in an exotic place with less espresso.


Can I assumed that because you are here and now reading this, you are a coffee lover? Or, at least you have some liking for this drink.

It doesn't matter if you cannot differentiate the arabica coffee beans from the robusta, so long as you love coffee, we think you should know more about it. Download the ebook to learn more


That time, he picture out what would the world look like having a cheap, ultra portable and high quality espresso maker.

And this is the beginning of Mypressi TWIST. This machine is tremendously portable and lightweight when compared to electric coffee makers because its size is 10.5” x 3.5" x 3.5" and it weigh about .38 oz.

The very stylish Mypressi TWIST is an innovative espresso maker machine which will change where and how you enjoy scrumptious espresso and other espresso-based beverages.

When compared to electric coffeemakers, this machine does not require external power to be able to produce single or even double shots from ESE pods or fresh ground coffee.

To make a glass of espresso, simply add a pod or fresh ground coffee. Pour the hot water and then pull the trigger. Pumping is not required in here.

The machine delivers the complete 135 psi or 9 bars from small and standard cartridges that people used in their cafes, restaurants, and kitchens over 80 years.

Every cartridge makes about 8 shots and they are completely recyclable. This machine can be cleaned up easily and quickly.

According to research, Mypressi is the most must-have-espresso maker machines for coffee and espresso lovers entire the world.

Mypressi really has a lot of benefits and advantages when compared to other coffee makers.

Yes, it is indeed true that electric coffee makers are automatics but they are not portable. Also, they are not easy to clean because some of its parts are not detachable.

So, what are you waiting for? Why not also try to have this kind of machine and enjoy the clean and delicious coffee it produces.


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