Cuisinart coffee maker water filter is the magic!

The Cuisinart coffee maker water filter has grown in reputation due to the fact that it is able to filter minerals and chemicals out of the water.

Every Cuisinart coffee machine is fitted with one of these charcoal water filters. This is the secret to the consistently good quality that every Cuisinart coffee machine provides.

We might suspect, but do we really know what is in the water that comes out of our faucet? The peculiar stains in the wash basin or in the bath tub where the faucet that will drip water might give us a clue.

The sediment which attaches itself to the element of our kettles will also tell us something about the quality of our water.


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The beauty of the Cuisinart coffee maker water filter is that it has digestive charcoal as the primary component of the Cuisinart water filter.

This means that the Cuisinart coffee maker water filter is not harmful to our bodies. The filter is able to remove most of the impurities in the water and convert hard water to soft water.

Unfortunately the value of a water filter is only discovered when one is either offered coffee made with unfiltered water or one forgets to replace the filter in one’s coffee machine on time.

Either way the distinctive taste that the coffee then has is sufficient proof for the need of a water filter in one’s coffee machine.

This is good for the coffee as well as for the Cuisinart coffee makers. The chances of the mechanisms of the grind and brewed coffee makers, for which Cuisinart is so popular, becoming clogged with the deposits from the water used, are slim.

It follows that the dedicated use of the Cuisinart coffee maker water filter will also save you money in the long run. Your machine will last longer.

That translates directly into value for money. Each individual filter can last for approximately 60 pots of coffee. Thereafter it needs to be exchanged. A pack of five filters will therefore give you approximately 300 pots of coffee.

For an average household that means you need to purchase one pack of filters per year. Some of the Cuisinart coffee makers, for example the Cuisinart four cup coffee maker, are delivered with a spare pack of filters.


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