Best coffee offer is found online, why is that so?

What is a good coffee offer?Free coffee – something that will make all coffee lovers sit up and take notice. Whether is it a premium brand such as Capparoma coffee from the Gold Roast Coffee Company or perhaps a sample of Suzuki Coffee from the Sarika Gourmet Coffee Company, any free coffee is a good offer.

Why would renowned coffee suppliers offer free coffee online to all and sundry? Surely this is not profitable?

These coffee suppliers are businesses, not welfare organizations! they are run along sound business principles for profit and have been trading successfully for a long time. Why then this seemingly unprofitable coffee offer?

As any successful business man will tell you, the foundation of any successful business is an established client base that continues to grow.


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Whilst companies such as Gold Roast and Sarika might be well known in, e.g. the Far East, how well known are they in say, southern Africa? Or South America for that matter of fact?

If these brands are hardly known and have virtually no recognition value in these areas, then it would make a lot of sense to invest in a coffee offer for online visitors to a company’s website.

In exchange for a surfer’s online details and postal address the company can send a coffee sample, be it ground coffee, roasted coffee or even green coffee. No coffee lover would turn his or her nose up as such a lucrative coffee deal.


Now these companies have their product in the surfer’s home. Their product is now being exposed to the surfer and, if they are lucky, his or her friends. Everybody enjoys good quality coffee and perhaps wants more. A demand has been created.

If such coffee is not available locally then the coffee can be ordered through regular online shopping structures. Sales have been boosted and a new market has been breeched.

It might even result in someone wanting to become a local distributor for these coffee products. Then the volume of sales will rise even more and a foothold will have been gained in an area where previously this brand of coffee was unknown.

What has the “cost” been? What has it cost the company to establish itself in this market? Ultimately it might only be the cost of one coffee sample and the mailing thereof.

Not a bad return on an investment. So what might initially seem to be an unprofitable coffee offer could in fact be a clever marketing strategy to conquer new markets.

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