Looking for this blue coffee maker?

Strange that people would look for a blue coffee maker? It is not uncommon in the world of marketing, for a specific product to be associated with a definitive color. A famous brand of Italian sports car is always associated with the color red.

In the same way you will find that a red coffee maker is the signature color of a specific kitchen appliance manufacturer. The blue coffee maker is the signature color of a Senseo.

If you are looking for a single serve coffee maker with a modern yet elegant design then you should seriously consider the blue coffee machine marketed by coffee Senseo.

The Philips HD 7800 has the characteristically who signature color. Essentially the color will obviously have no effect on the quality of the espresso made with this machine.


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Nevertheless it is a well designed machine that will fit well into any designer kitchen. It’s elegant yet simple design makes use of the single serve coffee cartridge system.

It does not have an integrated coffee grinder nor does it offer a milk foaming device. It is a blue coffee brewer that is able to make the finest range of hot drinks that can be derived from using the single serve coffee cartridge system.


There are many manufacturers of the coffee pod system who can offer an extensive range of types of coffee. In fact, there is no reason why any coffee lover should not be able to find one type or flavor of coffee on offer in the single serve system that does not suit his or her taste.

This means that the blue coffee maker in the Senseo range can become the gateway to a coffee experience that is able to adapt to changing tastes and changing environments.

Even if this blue coffee brewer does not come with any fancy gadgets or attachments, it is able to do well what it is designed to do; make coffee.

The advantage with the single serve pod system is that there is no messy filter or wet grounds that have to be disposed of later. Once the cartridge is empty it can be disposed of in the garbage.

As time goes by the color blue will become synonymous with this coffee maker by Senseo. The reliability of the machine, the ease of use as well as its longevity will make this blue coffee maker a favorite in modern households.

If taken good care of, there is no reason why this single serve coffee maker cannot make coffee for more than one generation.


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