What coffee filter machines should I buy?

Coffee filter machines is one of the most commonly used types of coffee makers; it may even be considered the most popular type as this can be found in most households all over the world.

Filter coffee makers make use of a coffee filter, which can either be permanent or disposable, to filter out the coffee grounds from getting into the coffee.

Essentially, the water in the reservoir heats up and the heated water drips over the coffee grounds on the filter. The coffee then seeps through the coffee filter (leaving the unwanted residue behind) directly into the coffee carafe or coffee mug,

Because of its ease of use, practicality, and popularity, the coffee filter machines is practically produced by every known coffee maker brand.

With the wide range of coffee filter machines available in the market, it can be confusing for the consumer to choose one to fit his coffee needs. So which brand of coffee filter machine should be considered?


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Market studies have shown that three of the most popular brands of coffee filter machines are Bunn, Capresso and Cuisinart.

Bunn coffee machine

For over 50 years Bunn has produced only the highest quality coffee machines. Bunn is noted for brewing coffee at a very fast rate. Operation is easy, even the novice user would be able to operate a Bunn filter coffee machine.

A popular Bunn coffee machine is the BT10 model. The BT10 was modeled after a coffee machine commercial but was tweaked and specifically intended to be used in the home.

Bunn coffee machines may not be as funky or modern compared to other brands, but their always excellent reviews indicate how the coffee functions compensate for its ordinary looks.

coffee-filter-machines Capresso coffee machine

Capresso is a company that initially produced espresso machines but have expanded their range of coffee machines to include filter coffee machines.

The company is one of the youngest ones in the coffee industry, having been incepted only in 1994.

Though relatively new, Capresso has made numerous breakthroughs and pioneered some of the latest innovations in the manufacture of coffee machines, including making the first programmable coffee maker with built in burr grinder. Among the three brands, the Capresso is the most expensive, with its espresso machine costing at least $900.

The quality and technology in their espresso machines are being incorporated into their other products, including filter coffee machines. Thus, the price on their filter coffee makers is slightly above the average selling price.

Cuisinart coffee machine

Finally. Cuisinart. Cuisinart has recently taken a huge market share among other filter coffee maker brands. Cuisinart is best known for its food processor of the same name but is also a market leader in small kitchen appliances.

It’s also quite new in the coffee industry; it began manufacturing coffee makers around 1994. Cuisinart developed their coffee makers to reduce the acidity in coffee.

It is for this reason that many consumers prefer the Cuisinart over most coffee maker brands. Moreover, Cuisinart coffee makers are more modern in design and has better aesthetics than the other coffee makers.


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