Only 2 coffee bean types -are you sure?

Is it real. 2 coffee bean types are what the world is drinking no matter what blend or grades it might be. The Blue Mountain, Kona or Kenya AA are merely the grading and taste profile of the coffee plant.

Coffee bean types was once considered the most important variables in a good coffee but now, I guess coffee maker ratings are what people used to decide how their coffee would turn out.

Important or not, it is up to YOU, the reader to decide. So, what are the two types of coffee beans? They are Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica beans account for up to 70% of the world coffee production while Robusta take up the rest of the 30%. Arabica also known as Coffea Arabica is grown in at altitude of 900-2000 meter and requires an average temperature of 20 degree celius to thrive.


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Robusta or Coffea Canephora on the other hand grows at a lower altitude of 200-300 meter and thrive at a temperature of 25 degree celius. Considered to be inferior to Arabica, Robusta is usually used to "beef up the pack" as filler and blend with Arabica.

One of the most common products that Robusta would be used is in canned coffee, or any other highly processed coffee. The reason that Robusta are used in canned coffee or also as filler is due to its cheaper pricing due to easier cultivation.

Out of these two coffee bean types, there are many "brands" and grades that are marketed, here is a summary of the few popular ones:


Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

This coffee refers to coffee that is grown in Blue Mountain in Jamaica, they are known for their mild flavor and lack of bitterness. As the Blue Mountains are an area that is a stretch between Kingston and Port Maria and the cool and misty climate is exlcusive to this area, Blue Mountain coffee is very expensive due its limited production quantity.

And the term Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is a protected certification mark that only the Jamaican coffee industry board can give this certification.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee

This is the coffee bean types that is exclusive not only to Hawaii but in a very the Kona District. Only coffee beans that are grown on the slopes of Mount Hualalai and Mauna Loa can be considered and graded as Kona Coffee.

Again, the weather that is exclusive to this area is the reason for the great taste that people seek and also the reason for the high pricing. Kona weather boast of bright sunny mornings, humid rainy afternoons and mild nights that is the best for growing coffee.

The Kona coffee is so expensive that a term Kona 10% was borne. It meant that coffee that has 10% Kona coffee blended inside is consider Kona coffee and this is what is widely sold in the market.

Ethiopian Harrar

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and till today, this coffee enjoyed a high status and the taste is sought by coffee lovers around the world. Again, the growing condition that is exclusive to this area make this coffee rare and very sought after.

This is a coffee that is well known for its medium body, earthy flavor, almost no acidity and a very smooth mouth feel. People that know of this coffee, remembers it for its chocolate and Mocha profile.

Kenya AA

One of the other expensive coffee that comes from the area surrounding Mount Kenya. I guess coffee that are sought after is limited in the production quantity. And for this coffee bean types that is grown from fertile red volcanic soil, it is exclusive to this Mount Kenya region.

Because of the Volcanic soil, this coffee is known for its very acidic taste. When drinking it, you would taste a very intense acidity, then followed by a medium body with an aftertaste of earthy flavor.

It is the unique taste of this coffee that differs it from all other that allows it to command the high price.

While, I would stop here, the coffee bean types is by no exhaustive. There are many grades and "brands" out in the market. Some more famous than others, but all nonetheless has their own loyal followers.

But, regardless of the different growing conditions and grades, in reality, there is only 2 types of coffee beans -Arabica and Robusta.


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