Cheap Coffee That Is Easily Brewed?

Please understand that cheap coffee meant low in cost and not any other meanings.

Almost all coffee drinkers and coffee lovers want to have a perfect cup of coffee, albeit for an affordable price.

But currently, all coffee shops and coffee houses served coffee with a pretty steep retail price, a cup of coffee would set you back by $2.50 that is probably 50% of pricing for a set lunch, isn't that expensive?

A cup of coffee purchased at café will cost you about $2.50. And if you used the vending machine to dispense a cup of coffee, it would be cheaper, probably $0.50 (but most of us know that quality of vending coffee is not that high).


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What if there is another option to have quality cheaper coffee, cost that would similar to vending coffee, probably only $0.50?

That is of course to brew your own coffee, cost would definitely be lower.

When you create your own coffee drinks, it is clear that there would be savings in the long run.

In addition, by creating your own coffee you get to control everything that is involve in the preparation such as its flavor, taste or how strong you want your coffee -that is one step towards your own perfect coffee, catering to your unique taste profile.

Not only that, you may even gain knowledge in coffee making since you are the own barista of your own coffee.

Sounds good, but that is a lot of work. You do the dosing, tamping, grinding of coffee beans and even measuring the coffee grounds.

It also involves cleaning, when you do tamping dosing, brewing, inevitably there would be some "stuff" on the kitchen top.

Fortunately there are tools that makes creating cheap coffee beverages at home becomes easier - Mypressi Twist portable espresso maker. The Mypressi Twist portable espresso maker is easy to use and is very low maintenance. It creates outstanding shot of espresso that can rival that of conventional coffee machines while providing espresso unmatched ease and portability.

All you have to do is put in your preferred coffee grounds, put in hot water, press the button, and in few moments your perfect shot of espresso is ready to drink.

In other words, coffee and espresso making with the use of Mypressi Twist becomes manageable and at the same time cheaper (you only pay for the NO2 and the cheap coffee which works out to be $0.50).

Therefore, if you really want a cheap coffee with a good quality in terms of taste and aroma, consider creating your own coffee with the use of this portable espresso maker, the Mypressi Twist.


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