Bunn Pod Coffee Maker is my Café

Bunn pod coffee maker is bunn coffee company answer for single serve coffee maker that is taking the world by storm, and of course the folks at bunn is making is better than most single serve brewers.

Have you ever wanted to recreate the coffee café experience in your own home? Bunn offers the MyCafé Commercial Grade Pod Brewer, a single cup coffee maker. It uses Bunn’s patented brewing technology, while at the same time, introduces very convenient features.

First of all, there are two versions of this Bunn pod coffee maker, namely the MCA and MCP.

The MCA can be connected to a water source; therefore, there is no need to pour water to fill up the water tank. The MCP is the pour-over version. Take note though, that the water reservoir is quite large. You only need to refill it every few days, even with constant use.


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You just simply remove the water reservoir, slide the top open, and pour water in. Therefore, there are no disadvantages with using the MCP version.

What’s great about this Bunn pod coffee maker is that it can make use of most known coffee pods available in the market. Thanks to its patented pod drawer design, it works with pods from 45 to 61mm.

It does not use a holder that accepts only one size of pod, which is sadly seen in other single cup coffee makers. Therefore, whether you like Senseo pods, Melitta pods, or any other brand of coffee pods for that matter, the MyCafé can turn those into a great cup of coffee.

Furthermore, the MyCafé includes two pod holders. You can use one for your coffee pods and the other for tea, to prevent flavor transfer.

Another convenient feature is that the MyCafé can brew from 4 to 14 ounces of coffee by just simply adjusting the slide on the front to your preferred brew size. Therefore, you can fill up a small cup to a travel mug with this Bunn pod coffee maker.

Using Bunn’s patented brewing technology, the MyCafé preheats the water in the water tank to the optimum brewing temperature when you switch it on.

This makes brewing coffee fast and easy. To brew coffee, once the water is heated, insert the coffee pod, set the brew size that you want, and press the brew button.

The unique shower head allows the water to extract the flavor from the coffee grounds optimally, which is why it only takes around 30 seconds to brew a cup of coffee. Brewing coffee is fast and easy with this coffee machine.

Finally, the MyCafé is very easy to clean and maintain as well. The pod holder, water reservoir and lid, and drip tray assembly are dishwasher safe.

It also comes with an energy saver feature, which reduces the internal water tank temperature when the machine is idle to conserve electricity.

If there’s any drawback to the Bunn MyCafé, it would be the cost. At just under $200, it is quite pricey, even more expensive than a Keurig Coffee Maker and the Senseo Supreme.

Nevertheless, the price is justified, given that the quality of the Bunn MyCafé is top notch. Easy to use, easy to clean, the ability to use most coffee and tea pods, and the ability to make great tasting cups of coffee makes the Bunn MyCafé one of the best single serve coffee machines out there.

Personally, I think using the Bunn MyCafé allows you to relive the café experience in your own home.


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